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We still have a few spots left,

April 11-12 Overnight Overlook Ride, see 6 overlooks in 2 days. **** THIS IS A NO PACK, PACK TRIP **** Ride from Saddle Valley through Big South Fork to overlooks of North White Oak Creek, Leatherwood Ford, Jake’s Hole, O&W Bridge, and East Laurel, also Needle’s Eye and Devil’s Den, with a Saturday night camp and dinner on the trail. This is an easy two day trip, includes campsite at Saddle Valley Friday night, and meals on the trail. $100.00 per rider Did I mention that the menu for sat, night is New York Strip, grilled over the fire, baked potatoes, fried corn, biscuits, and cobbler? Don't forget breakfast! YUM YUM
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This is a small ride, a little more personal, 10-15 riders.

Teresa and I will be preparing dinner while everyone else relaxes around the campfire. We practiced on the cobbler and biscuits in the Dutch oven last weekend.

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the price is total for food ride and campsite wow great deal big south fork park is very pretty place to ride how many spots do you have available and i have a horse but my husband would need one how much total for rider food and rental horse for the two day trip
This trip will be an easy 2 days of riding and seeing most of the overlooks around the south west part of the park. The price includes a late friday check in at Saddle Valley, you will be responsible for you own breakfast Saturday morning, we will have coffee, and pastries, or maybe doughnuts. Riders need to supply their own sleeping bag or bedroll, a duffel bag with their clothes, a small 2 man dome type tent, if you want adult beverages, you may bring a small cooler, and grain for your horse. We load all the gear in our trailer, and haul it to the campsite, while riders ride the trail and view the scenic wonder of Big South Fork. When you ride into camp on Saturday afternoon, all you have to do is tend your horse, and set up your little tent, we will have people to help with the horses, but YOU are responsible for your horse. There is a good pond for horse water. While you relax by the fire, Teresa and I will cook you a campfire supper of grilled New York strip, baked potatoe, fried corn, biscuits and cobbler. Sunday wake up to fresh camp coffee and bacon and eggs. We will provide saddle bag lunches on the trail Saturday and Sunday. We will ride south, cross N. White Oak Creek, and then visit Needles Eye, Devil's Den, and several overlooks, then back to the campground.
We have a couple of horses suitable for this ride, ride with rental horse $250
This ride is about full, but we have another one coming up in June to No Business Creek and the Big Island area. "SEE MAUDE'S CRACK FROM SADDLE VA

Do you still have any slots open? Do you know if anyone near Franklin, TN is going? Not sure if my truck can haul that far (been having some problems). Thanks.
We still have a couple of spots. We were planning 10-15 riders, we have deposits on 13 right now


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