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For fun while we are stuck inside because of the snow let's share riding plans:

We want to make a trip sometime this year to  7 Springs in Alabama

Also have a fall trip planned to Idlenook in Arkansas again. Everyone in our group liked it so well they re-booked for this year.

What are you planning?

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Thanks Linda, for all your info.  My comment about the trailering was for Timber Ridge.  Wasn't sure if your comment about the 2 days of riding was about Orchard Cove...?  Do you know anything about Timber Ridge?

Thanks for the info, Linda.  We tried to get reservations for OC last Memorial week but they were booked.  We are really looking forward to it.

Melinda, TR has trails right out of camp.  Three trails last September, but Lee was working on opening a new trail.  He said it should be complete by this spring.  We normally ride their trails for 3 days then borrow the trailer and go to different trail heads.  It just depends on how far and how long you want to ride.  We don't normally ride more than 4 hrs, unless we get lost.  lolol 


Ahh, the new trail is open and we have already started a new one!!!!  There is several days of riding here now and yes you can take both short and very long rides on the trails.  We look forward to seeing you!!!!
Great!  We are looking forward to visiting this year!  TR is our favorite place to stay.
I ditto what Lindsey said about Timber Ridge. It is a really good place too. We have just been to BSF many many times. I love it but want to go other places while I still can. We may try and go there for a long week-end this year just because it is so close.
Hey Jacci.........I kept racking my brain trying to think why your name stuck in my head....New Years at TimberRidge...how do I spell DUH.......have ya been riding since then? Sunday we rode that morning (and froze) till 4:30 that evening.......yup, that was too long in that kind of weather, and wouldn't have rode that long.......so It's y'all's fault....Black eyed peas were still good when we got back.......anyway just wanted to tough base with you...  
Hi Sharon,  We have not been riding since then.  You guys are tougher than we are, although we both commented as we were getting in the truck if Tracey's son wasn't coming for a visit we would have bundled up and saddled up with you.
Well maybe next time........I am so happy for Lee and Dee, finally getting the title of the number one campground in the country....they deserve it, have worked really hard, glad to hear the "Cinderella" story on that place that they told over New Years.  All of the struggles paid off and I am certain that they will not relax, as you know, if your're coasting, your going down hill...Talk soon, Larkin  
Well, I won a weekend trip to both Timber Ridge and East Fork, so of course will be going those places. I also want to go to 7 Springs, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, Hayes Canyon in Shawnee National Forest, and Circle E. Of course, some of the closer week long trail rides like Birdsong, Bucksnort, and Buffaloe River would be nice to hit for a day or two. I have been to Timber Ridge twice and loved it, definitely going back there. I hope to get lots of riding in this spring and summer. I just got my mom moved into her new house by my brother this last weekend. I will be going over and helping unpack and build her some flower and vegetable beds when the weather warms a little. After that I hope to get some riding in before it gets too hot this summer. So many places to ride...so little time!

So many great places to ride and so little time and money! LOL When my husband retires our dream is to travel for at least 3 months at a time riding.

Long C is also on my list for this year. My neighbor loves it.

Also Long C is a great place

Our plans are Iron Mtn Campground in VA in June and East Fork In October.

We will probably go a few days to LBL - and maybe down to Mammoth Cave for a weekend.

We also go to Midwest Trail Ride at least a couple of times a year for a weekend also


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