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For fun while we are stuck inside because of the snow let's share riding plans:

We want to make a trip sometime this year to  7 Springs in Alabama

Also have a fall trip planned to Idlenook in Arkansas again. Everyone in our group liked it so well they re-booked for this year.

What are you planning?

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definitely 7 Springs again,and hopefully Haynes Canyon in Ill. How far is Idlenook?
We love Hayes Canyon and the Shawnee area. Depending on finances my husband wants a 3 day trip either there or BSF also. Idlenook is about a 7 hour drive but worth it. Owners are terrific, loved the camp, great trails with something special to ride to everyday and we were able to take our dogs on the trail. They have a website; Idlenook horse camp
We are making a first trip to Stampede Run in Whitley City, KY this Spring.  Haven't made fall plans yet.  I have looked into Idlenook, but have made no plans to go yet.
Tell me about Stampede Run I have not heard of it before.
Haven't been yet, so I don't have any personal experience to relay.  The riding is in Daniel Boone National Forest.  Small campground.  New barn.  Website is www.stampederun.com.
We will be going to Timber Ridge in Jamestown, TN, Cross Country Trail Ride in Eminence, MO, and hope to make a ride at Loretta Lynn's in Hurricane Mills.
So far we are looking at Orchard Cove Memorial week, Shawnee Labor Day week, and Timber Ridge Columbus Day week.  But we all know how plans can change at any given moment. lol
Sounds like a great plan to me. Hope it all works out. We have been to all those places and love them. Happy Trails!
Have you been to Orchard Cover before?  My friends and I have been looking at it and talking about it for a couple of years, but haven't been yer.  We are interested in some feedback on it.  Thanks!
Orchard Cove is GREAT! The owners are terrific and it is one of if not the nicest camps I have been to. You can ride right out of camp on the trails but the owners also have a trailer you can use to go to other trail heads. Only negative was my friends saw rattle snakes on the trail they were on one day but we did not. We went Memorial week-end and early June. They were there in the middle of June.
I have friends who were there a few years ago and I have also read some comments about having to trailer to do much riding.  What can you tell me about it?  Is there plenty of riding directly out of camp?  Thanks!
Two good days of riding and you can ride even more if you want to stay in the saddle 10-12 hours. I recommend this as a must do place for riders. Also, put on your bucket list 'Grayson Highlands' in VA. I don't care for staying in the park camp because they only have tie stalls. But there are a number of horse camps close by. We stayed at High Country. It is a great place for summer riding. We went in June and August of this past year and wore a long sleeve shirt during the day!. I have pictures on my facebook page.


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