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My wife & I ride drafts on the trail. We would like to find other drafters to ride with.

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I just got my Belgian mare back a couple of months ago and we have used her for trail riding, she's great. But she's out of commission for a while because she's due to foal late April or early May. We didn't know that when we bought her back so we are kind of bummed about missing the trail riding season with her. We do have other horses but she's the gentle one.
sorry to here that you will be missing spring riding season...., but what a great reason! We wish you all the best with your "on the way" baby !
Well, we have a draft, but haven't had the nerve to get on him yet. We have saddled him and lunged in the round pen, but due to a cracked collar bone, my husband hasn't ridden him and I don't want to be the first (too old to hit the ground from that far up!) We know he pulls wagons, farm equipment, but we were only told he would ride...so we are taking it slow. Where are you located? We would like to ride Bill trailriding, just don't know yet, if it is going to happen.
We are in Resaca ,Ga. About 40 miles south of Chattanooga, on I-75.
Hope you have a TAAAAALLL trailer.
What breed is Bill? Most Drafts like slow anyway !! ;)
Bill is a Belgian. He can't get in our bumper pull, so if we were to take him anywhere we would have to rent the co-op trailer or borrow one.
we are not afraid to trailer somewhere else to ride & meet new friends... maybe this spring we can get up into your area to get in some saddle time. where is your area , by the way?
We live in the Leiper's Fork area southwest of Franklin, but Bill is boarded at a facility in Bon Aqua, outside of Dickson, TN. It is very easy to get to from I-40 and we have multiple trails and places to ride there. We put a saddle on Bill the other day and lunged him in the round pen and he was fine. Tomorrow and Monday we are taking driving lessons from a man that has a carriage business in Nashville. After that we want to start driving him more, too. I work every other weekend, so just let me know when you might want to come and we will set something up!
kool... Marsha ,(my wife), & I are starting new jobs so we will be tied up for the next few weeks. After we have the new schedules set we will be riding again. I'll try to keep up here! perhaps we could get a bunch of folks to go along !
Ok Lee, just let me know when you would like to come. We often trail ride with other people so even if we don't have Bill ready to ride, we could still meet up somewhere
hi Lee, i have just been looking at your discussion, this very evening my new horse a PercheronX Q is on his way from SC to be delivered here to me in College Grove, TN, he will probably be here about 3am tommrow morning, we are soooo excited, i have been searching for a DraftX and went to SC last weekend and found him, he will be joining my gang of QHxPaint-QHXTB and a little donkey, we cant wait to take deliviery of him, maybe we will bump into each other on some trails this summer- take care !!
hey Belinda, I didn't know you were getting a new horse! Congratulations! Let me know how it goes with him. I know you will want to let him get acclimated and bond with him a bit, but let me know how your first ride goes! I am excited for you.
ALLRIGHT!!!!! we love to hear about more bigguns' on the trail. Perches & perch X's seem to have just a little more spirit than other drafts. (just my opinion) I love all the big babies.
Congratulations, & many happy trails!


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