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Hello All,

Does anyone know where I can find replacement windows for my horse trailer (the horse area)? I have an older model 4-star with the drop down windows at the head. The window is the kind without the vertical bars that you can leave up when the main part of the window is down. I want the airflow of the open window but not the ability for my horse to hang is out when we are going down the road. The trailer came with the mesh/net window covers but I do not care for them.

Thanks and happy trails!

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Have you tried the 4-star website? I would call them and ask for a list of suppliers in your area. I love 4-star trailers and hope to have a living quarter one when my husband retires. Good luck and happy tailoring.
Blessings, Linda
I love my 4-Star trailer but I have been disappointed with the company. I have contacted them both via web and phone and haven't had the best of luck. Maybe I got a person on a bad day but she acted like I was crazy asking for windows for the horse area. Anyway, thanks for the suggeston, I'll see if I can find a dealer in our area.
If you will post your question here - http://www.horsetrailerworld.com/forum/category-view.asp - you will get an answer. Great website. Good luck.
Hi Sheryl,
I actually posted it there first, I love that site! Since posting here (and there) someone has passed along contact information for the parts guy at 4-Star. Thanks everyone!


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