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I need help finding just the right place in Tennessee to move to. I want to live in a small town, but not too small. Since I was born in Florida and have lived there all my life and I am a little worried about being too far north or too COLD. I don't want to be farther than 30-40 miles from a hospital or college. I may need to work a little after I retire. I want to have at least 5 acres but prefer 10. No mountains but big hills are OK. Cleared land would be nice but not necessary. Most importantly I want to be able to ride off my property and be able to get to some decent trails and be in a community where there are others who love trail riding. I don't want to ride alone all the time. Am I asking for too much? I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Hello Marilyn! I ride and live in Williamson County TN. My husband rides too and has been in the real estate business here over 35 yrs. I don't enjoy riding alone either, safety reasons. In my mind it's not just about where to ride--but where to ride as an investment. Homes cost a lot of money and the investment should be heavily considered. If you want real help contact my husband--remember they work on comission, that means if you don't like it, it won't cost a dime. He's stayed in this business by working for the Best interest of the homeowner. We are active Christians and strive to do everything as unto the Lord. Let us know if we can serve you. Happy trails! Pam and Jim jim@iselltn.com
Here is a place in Jamestown. This is Horse country with great trails and great weather,


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