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I need help finding just the right place in Tennessee to move to. I want to live in a small town, but not too small. Since I was born in Florida and have lived there all my life and I am a little worried about being too far north or too COLD. I don't want to be farther than 30-40 miles from a hospital or college. I may need to work a little after I retire. I want to have at least 5 acres but prefer 10. No mountains but big hills are OK. Cleared land would be nice but not necessary. Most importantly I want to be able to ride off my property and be able to get to some decent trails and be in a community where there are others who love trail riding. I don't want to ride alone all the time. Am I asking for too much? I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Hey fella floridian. I was born in Ft. Pierce, my family was one of the first 13 to settle Boynton Beach and my growing years in Ft. Myers. We live in a little town called Kimball. It is about 25 miles from Chattanooga. UTC is there and Erlanger(a teaching hospital) is also there. We have riding all araound. Within 20 miles of our house is Franklin State forest. It is wonderful riding and within 40miles into Alabama is Bolo riding camp which is wonderful too. I love Tennessee and really miss my family and friends in Fla, but will never move back. The old Florida I knew and loved has disappeared. You will love just about any part of Tennessee....Good luck and God Bless
interesting when ya say the old flordia has disappeared, when i was little (but old enough to remember what it was like) we spent a winter camping in south west FL and spent a lot of time roaming the beaches. That was 1971. We went back about 15 years later and a lot of the old beaches we had freely wandered were claimed by high rise apartment buildings, private beachside housing, and very commercialized. It was kind of a disapointment to see all those nice natural beach areas claimed by "progress". I call that degress instead. I think the least they could have done was make the first 1000 ft or so in from the ocean into managed public recreation areas.
What I have learned so far from so many helpful people will make it much easier to find just the right place. I am surprised so many former Foridians are there in Tennessee. I am glad to here you all are happy with your decision to live in Tennessee. I was born and raised, and still live, in what used to be a small quiet town where I could go out the back door, catch my horse and head out to the woods to ride. If I tried that now I would be either run over or arrested. It makes me sad to want to leave Florida so bad, but the heat and the bugs and the hurricanes and the taxes are just too much.

For those of you who have places to sell I only wish I could come and check out your places, but we will probablly have to just buy land at first. We won't be selling our house for 2 more years. We have a motorhome that we will live in until we have the money for a house. What extra money we have after buying land will go for fencing and a small barn. I'd love to get a log cabin eventually.

I am very conforted by how friendy and willing to help everyone has been. Thanks again, Marilyn
Welcome to Tennessee- Have 15 acres with trails right out back yard or trailer to Franklin State Forest about 3 to 5 min. Yes you read that right only 5 min max to Franklin State Forest with beautiful trails well marked and not a Saturday that there is not 5 to 15 trailers full of folks out there riding. Couple of close friends that ride out ladies in 40's and 60's that would love to show you the trails and ride with you. House is 1284 sq.ft. western cedar ,3bd,3 1/2 baths. Has a 30 x 40 metal barn by Blitz Builders w/4stalls double walled for horses protection, shavings bin, space for feed,hay,tack. Attached shed off side for extra storage or tall enough to put horse trailer in dry. Fenced and cross fenced, some cleared pasture some trees. Beautiful view and like I said you can ride out back yard for miles. Close to University of the South at Sewanee and St.Andrews School . There is hospital at University 15 min. , or Grandview hospital in Jasper also 15 to 20 min. 35 min to Chattanooga were Erlanger Hospital is located with T.C. Thompson Childrens and Memorial Hospital & Heart Inst. Chatt. State and UTC in Chatt. Contact me sheila_mare@yahoo.com
Kind of new at this computer stuff did not read your comment until I had already sent you info on my place. It is priced way below market value and could be on a rent/lease to own option. I am in Texas right now with Newest grandbaby mom does not want day care for him so my place is empty at present. Can send pics if interested but will have to get son-in-law to do it . Only reason place is for sale is because of Divorce so is fixed for ultimate care and protection of horse with low maintenance so more riding time. No worry about running into anything or anyone running into you. No way trails will ever by closed off. Sheila
Sheila, Your property sounds very nice. I would definitely like to see pictures. Also what town is it in and how much do you want for it. A rent/lease with option to buy might be something we would consider. Have you son-in-law send the pictures to my email address. It is mbennett102@cfl.rr.com.
I have to say you sure are a good Grandma. My kids are eagerly waiting for me to retire so I can babysit all the time. I will love to spend more time with my granddaughters but not everyday. I can't wait for them to get big enough to ride. Anyway thanks for the info. Marilyn

I see every body is pulling you to there side of Tennesssee. I have meet 3 family that left Florida, and came here in my town. McMinnville, we are in the middle of the state accually. We are small town, and we only have tons of nursery we are known as: the Nursery Captial of the World!" My friends grow bushes, trees and flowering trees, of all kind, you may see them in magazine they coming right out this county. Like to know more check out www.warrentn.com Chamber Commerce is glad to help you out. Come on up, get away from the heat.

I have travel to Franklin Forrest, Big South National Park and Circle E, some takes 1hour and 1/2 to get there. and some are shorter. I love to visit, and see the views. Of the mountains.
I have ridden all around and it sounds like you want near East Fork Stables and Big South Fork. Contact East Fork for a tour of properties with trails connecting to them to the Big South Fork. Hopital near by and Knoxville pretty close for work and college. eastforkstables.com
Susan you are right a lot of folks ride up at east fork & big south fork but I have been on that tour. The land is at cheapest 15, to 20 thousand an acre. Most of the " communities" I looked at the lots were stripped bare because of poor soil and 2 or more horses on an acre lot which is what a lot of them are. Not knocking it but good friend Ron Eldridge also told me I was looking on the wrong side of some river and would not be able to access trails at east fork if river was up. Great place to go ride but not to live I don't think. By the way Hi Ron missed you I am back in Texas again
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What about west TN? The land is really affordable ($3000 acre) and Jackson is about 40 minutes from here. (Huge medical center, lots of work, etc) I am in Huntingdon. Schools are great, nice small hometown. There is Natchez trace state park about 30 minutes away, and Land between the lakes just in KY, about an hour. Oh and Shawnee forest, in IL, my all time favorite, is about 2 & 1/2 hours. It is mostly barely rolling terrain, and we have excellent pasture. Jackson is expensive, but north or south of there is real reasonable.
Edited to add, we bought a 2 bed 2 bath, completely remodeled house on 5 acres, cross fenced most pasture with a nice barn for less than $90,000.
Marilyn, have you been to TN looking yet? My neighbors place is for sale. It is not on a trail but close to lots of riding. He passed away a few weeks ago and his wife has to sale. It has 9ac, barn, fencing, nice small house, in great condition, just move in about 1400sqft (3/2) and close to Columbia. You would have Great neighbors who trail ride! (HaHa) It is not listed yet but will be this week. If interested let me know. If should be $200,000 or less.
Blessings, Linda


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