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I need help finding just the right place in Tennessee to move to. I want to live in a small town, but not too small. Since I was born in Florida and have lived there all my life and I am a little worried about being too far north or too COLD. I don't want to be farther than 30-40 miles from a hospital or college. I may need to work a little after I retire. I want to have at least 5 acres but prefer 10. No mountains but big hills are OK. Cleared land would be nice but not necessary. Most importantly I want to be able to ride off my property and be able to get to some decent trails and be in a community where there are others who love trail riding. I don't want to ride alone all the time. Am I asking for too much? I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Here are two websites that will give you info on Fentress County. Great place to live. Very horse friendly. Actually we have lots of "Floridians" who have relocated here, myself included.
Happy Trails, Stephanie
You have just described a good bit of TN! You will have a lot of areas to choose from. The Big South Fork area has everything except, JOBS. If you need to work do not go there, except to ride. I live south of Nashville in Maury County. Middle Tennessee is awesome! We have several trail riding groups, horse camps, public and private trails. While there are few equestrian communities there are some. But, you may be able to buy property near one of the trails and have access that way. To look at property search; realtracs. This is a very user friendly real estate site. I would be happy to recommend an agent in our area if you want to make a trip and check it out. Columbia State Community College is right here in Columbia. You can go to their website and check jobs. In Nashville we have numerous colleges and Vanderbilt University, Murfressboro has MTSU. All are within driving. My youngest son goes to Belmont University in Nashville and commutes. My husband commutes to Nashville also. Maury Regional Medical Center provides excellent health care and we have access to other health resources from Vanderbilt. Good luck, we made the decision and moved here from New Orleans, pre katrina, and it was the best decision we could have made. The people are wonderful, the weather moderate with a little of every season and GREAT places to ride and friends to ride with. If I can be of further assistance please let me know.
Blessings, Linda
If you want small town Columbia, Fayetteville, Shelbyville are nice areas. There are trail riding places all over this State.......much more so than in Ky where I'm from, so don't think you'll have problems in that regard. It is also warmer (10 degrees or more) than anything in more Eastern TN. I like you don't like the cold, part of the reason I don't want to live in Ky. anymore. There are tons of places for sale right now so this is a great time to move and be looking. I can give you the name of a really nice realtor in the Middle TN area if you are interested. My husband and I bought our house and 10 acres through her.
I have a place in southern Cumberland Co that we have up for sale by owner. We are 1 hr away from Big South Fork and all of our neighbors trail ride. We have 15 acres that we use for pasture. 5 stall barn, riding arena, black board fence etc. We live in a 1352 ft square dbl-wide extremely nice. We have a in ground pool and hot tub. if you are interested email me at sarahbaisley@frontiernet.net and i will send pictures. We have it priced at $180K. There is bowater property across the road that you can join a lease on and ride all you want. Hundreds of acres. Also different places in the county.
Wow! What great information. Finding out about trails is something that is very important in my decision and most realtors do not have a true idea of where peope ride. I will definitely check out Realtracs. I have been thinking that being 50-60 miles of Nashville is a good idea. I am hoping that my kids might someday follow me and they will need to find jobs also. We are going to Tennessee over a long Labor Day weekend and we have a better idea of where to look.

Thanks so much, Marilyn
I have a place in Petersburg, TN I would be willing to sell. Petersburg is a small town, but you are only 13 miles from Lewisburg one way and 13 miles from Fayetteville the other way. That is where we do most of our shopping. I have 6 acres, fenced with black board fence and farm wire. I have a nice 9 stall barn, 1 stall in which is a mare and foal stall. We have an outside wash bay and a seperate hay barn or storage area. There is also a hay loft above the barn. The house and barn are both white with a black roof which matches the board fence. There are also 3 seperate lots in which are also board fence for small turn outs. The home is a 3 bedroom, 1 full bath, living room, kitchen, and wash/laundry room. Paint is good and the house is in great condition. It has a beautiful front porch and a nice front yard. The home also has a car port. We are asking $150,000 OBO. It is a great, cozy home but we are in need of a bigger barn. I can email you some pics if you are interested. SplashNGal5@aol.com
Look no further! Here in Chickamauga you have it all. You have beautiful views, great weather, marvelous trails, history, small town life it is great. We are not far from Tennessee{20 minutes from Chattanooga} and 12oo acres of the best riding trails around. Check out our website. www.saultopaulstables.webs.com We welcome all visitors and will be glad to take you on a tour of our facility. We guarantee you'll come back to ride and stay with us time and time again.
My personal opinion. Choose Middle TN, and not up on the "Plateau area".
We are in the Sparta area. Small town, but only 20 minutes traveling lovely 4-lane Hwy. 111 to Cookeville. Cookeville is right off the interstate, college town, and work is available.
You are in the middle of Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.
Middle TN seems to miss the harsh weather that other areas of TN have.
Day-trip rides are numerous--i.e., BSF, EF, Dale Hollow Lake, etc.
We moved from Florida almost five years ago. Haven't missed the bugs nor traffic at all!
Like many others I settled in Middle Tennessee. I live in the small town of Chapel Hill, which is close to Murfreesboro, Franklin, Columbia and about an hour from Nashville and Huntsville. Great riding is all around us and it's nice being fairly close to anything you could ask for....colleges, shopping, jobs and of course rural life and great people!!! Good luck in your search!
Wilson County, just East of Nashville is an awesome place to live. Lots of horsey people. I live in Lebanon (in Wilson County), which is just the right size. I'm an office manager for a real estate company. I know one of our capable agents would be glad to help you find the right property.

Come and visit! You'll fall in love with our area!

Barbara Sisk
I think middle TN weather is about as nice as posible without going to some tropical place that's not too hot. (I think all the perfect places are too crowded) I've been further south in summer and it's way too hot to live, further north in winter is just too cold consistantly. It gets good and cold here occasionally during mid winter but normally dosn't last long before it's back up in the 40's
I live on the edge of the plateau, way out in the woods, and love it, I may travel occasionally but it's gonna remain home base. I guess jobs are a bit scarce in the plateau area. Truck drivers and loggers are the most commen, and distance to hospitols and schools is sometimes a good hours drive. I don't think about it because we take care of our own minor up to medium hospitol stuff with natural treatments, and I create my own jobs.


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