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Hello everyone...
My husband & I are from NY, looking to relocate to eastern TN.

2 of our 4 kids have moved to Newton & Hickory NC.
We'd like to be no farther than 3-4 hours away from them,
which makes the Crossville, TN area about as far west as we should go.

We're looking for a place in the country.
Mild winters but no hot/humid summers.
Within 30 ? miles from a hospital.
At least 5 acres but prefer 10.
Able to ride from our property to trails.
Have neighbors who love to trail ride.
Places to go horse camping.
All great ideas welcome!

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Cindy, If you haven't already, read the discussion thread about relocating to Tennessee that I started a few weeks ago. You are looking for about the same thing I am. I received many tips on where to find a great place for horses and trail riding. I am still looking. I plan to drive up and stay in south central Tennessee for about a week. I have my fingers crossed that I will find my new home. Good luck.
country you'll find easily, unless yer scared to leave the city. I've found a few people that way and I fail to comprehend, my home is the wild land, citys make me uncomfortable.

winters are mild compared to NY, I think summer is hot n humid, but I'm sure it's lots worse further south. The super oppressive stages of heat/humidity don't usually last too long. Get up in the hills where there's a lot of trees and it stays cooler. (evaporative cooling from the tree leaves)

every town of 5-10,000 has a small hospitol, bigger the town the bigger the facility. Helicoptor transport is avalible for super critical cases and remote locations. (I know one of the pilots)

acerage? everything from 0 to thousands avalible.

access to trails from property is commen, A lot of timber company land is ridable, but trail maintanance has to be done by the user. Access to maintained trails from property is not so commen. Would have to live right close to one of the public riding areas.

Neighbors? just gotta look for them. mine is a mile away.

Scads of places to horsecamp. I'm'a'fixin to do more of that myself. Just got a halfway decent truck fixed to haul myself around.

My folks were from up nawth, but i grew up next to the GA line, been farmin an old mountain farm 50 mi SW of Crossville for the last 23 years. Made more profit off of trees than anything else because the old farm grew up in timber sence WWII.
I have a friend with a place for sale at Big South Fork. That is about 45min North of Crossville but closer to the Eastern part of the state through Oneida. If you are interested I can get here to contact you. The house is new about 2400 living, about 7-8ac and really nice barn with tack and wash area. Just outside jamestown.
Blessings, Linda
I have a new 4 bedroom ranch on 22 acres with barn and pond for sale that is in Jamestown, TN. It is close to the Big South Fork and you can ride from the barn to the trails. go to http://www.weepingwillowsfarm.com/house.htm for pictures.
It is located 8 miles from the hospital and about 45 minutes from Crossville. The home is located by several Horse Campgrounds as a matter of fact I own one of them.
The winters are mild and you would most definately be in the country.
Yes, please have your friend contact me:

Your place sounds wonderful. How much are you asking?
Do you have any employment opportunities at your camp ground?
Hi Cindy
I live in the Tri Cities. I also have a great group to ride with. I do have a friend that has a home and barn for sell. I do not know how much land she has.


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