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Just bought a nice In Command 3yr old and ready to ride.  After riding the same horse for 14 years I have passed him on to my grand daughter for her safety.  We are riding together now and looking for an active year of trail riding.  Hope to meet some of you on the trails through Tennessee.

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Yeah  me and Kim are ready to ride too! Can't wait to see Captain on the trail. You got a good one !
Coggins will be in by Monday, Shoes will be on tomorrow, Vac. has been given (only thing I have found he does not like--needles).  Everyone that has seen him really likes him.  The proof will be on the trail.  Sunday may be a good day to ride if this weather misses us.  See all then maybe.
There is a good rode over on the Cheeks Bend side of Yanahli. I am thinking of riding there some because it will not be muddy. It is off of Sowell Mill. We are meeting with interested parties soon to try and expand the trails at Yanahli. There is 12,800 acres there.
Linda:  I live at the end of sowell mill pike on wiles ln.  That is just a couple of miles away.  When you go, please let me know and I will meet you there and see what we need to do.  I would like to get some more rides maped out and on the PWHAT schedule.  I may be able to get some help from them also.
Love to ride with you and PWHAT. Bill Ketron has promised to help us develop Yanahli but we need others involved. Call him and let him know this is important to you, this community and state. Do you know where Rummage Cave is? That is one of the sites we would like to be able to ride/hike to.
Will do what I can.  Have not been in the area and not big on going in caves but would love to ride to it sometime.  Talked to Larry I think.  Let me know if there are any meetings.


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