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Hey everyone, Last year I posted a discussion about where to look for property in Tennessee. I recieved lots of great information and have looked at several pieces of property in western, middle, northern and southern Tennessee. I have since retired and am ready to leave Florida. I  have decided I'd like to live within a 1- 11/2 hours of Chattanooga. What I really want is an area where trail riding is popular. I desparately miss having fellow horsepeople to ride with. I have been riding alone for 3 years. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am looking for a small place, maybe 5-8 acres, not a big home and a mobile home is OK. It would be great if there were trails or dirt roads nearby.

Looking forward to becoming a Tennessean, Marilyn Bennett

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It is a little farther than you want but I still suggest, Big South Fork area. There are a number of people who have relocated there from FL and other states. The closest town would be Jamestown but Crossville is nice and you still have some trails there. Good luck. Do you have a Realtor? My friend, Kathy is an agent in Jamestown if you want her info just go to the members here; Kathy Morris.
Linda, I am going to take the advice offered here and am planning a trip to Jamestown next week to look around. Any suggestions on which realtor I should contact and where I should stay? I'll hopefully be there Tuesday afternoon and leave Friday afternoon.
I agree with Linda, I'd look in the Jamestown area near all the Big South Fork trails. I noticed on one other post you don't want somewhere in the 90s all year, it's been upper 90s here all Summer, ugh, I haven't ridden at all, and Jamestown should be a bit cooler than here in southern middle TN (not far from Columbia/Fayetteville area where I live). Glad you are smart enough to leave FL though, ICK.......hahaha!
I have lived all my life, (44 years) first 20 mi east of Chattanooga and then up here 60 miles north of it for the last 24 years. And in thinking through where the most riding happens, big south fork is the only real concentration of it. Elsewhere, the trail riders are just kind of scattered here and there. There are plenty of places to ride between here and Chattanooga, with Signal mountain and the plateau a lot of company land used for tree growing where access roads some gated and some open to vehicle traffic go for miles. But no riding areas designated as such. The national forest starting maybe 40 miles east of Chattanooga and down in north GA have quite a few horse trails here and there. But that area is so spread out the concentration of riding is not near what it would be up at the big south fork. probably the most concentration of horse trails and regular riding that direction would be in the great smoky mtn national park. To find regular riding companions and nice trails, big south fork can't be beat. With all the horse campgrounds surrounding the area there would almost always be someone riding. Fairly level trails on the plateau top with a lot of canyons with trails winding through them along creeks and such. With a trail access only lodge down in the middle.

There is a lot of land being split up and sold here an hour up hy 111 north of Chattanooga. Very expensivly by my standards, because we bought our land before prices started going crazy. but compared to prices I see not far away we're still a cheap area. Find a place near some land still owned by timber companies and there'll be plenty of land to ride. Bowater is a big one that owns a lot of land around the area. Still be lonely riding though unless ya just happen to end up near someone who wants to do the same. Heading N out of Chatt on 27, meet 111 just past soddy daisy and climb the mountain up waldens ridge. There's the first area of fairly open land. Then across the top and down into sequatchie valley and the little town of Dunlap. Quite a few horse people in the valley.
Then up the mountain again the cumberland plateau to Cagle Mt community. And on North into Van Buren county where a few years ago Huber land company sold their holdings which amounted to something like 40% of the county. Lots of land being sold split up and sold again. Lots of several acre per lot country subdivisions being made.

For example, what I'm doing;

I have my trails I've trimmed on mostly white county lumber company land, several miles of round circuits for my mountain riding conditioning rides. (mostly old roads through the forest but the tree branches need trimming back so I can ride through easily) And then I'm hauling up to big south fork for weekend campout rides. 5 of them planned for the next 2 months, all to BSF except one I'm going to southern Ill, and one sharing a ride with a friend down to southern AL for a paso fino trail ride gathering. I wouldn't want to be any further south than I am, summer too hot. (it was purty bad sometimes near Chattanooga, hit 108-112 for a week once in 1980, much better up here) And I do plan on riding regular all winter, cold and rain can't stop me. that's what thick longjohns and rain coats were made for. I'll have to experiment with traction devices on my horses feet. The mud can get mighty slick when it's raining too much. And then I'll have to experiment with heatable tents.
I have a 2 bedroom house/cabin, just outside of big south fork, ride from there into the park in 15 minutes, it's listed at 78k

Only an acre of land, and no barn, but enough room for a small barn, and there are lots in the area for sale, maybe could be a starter house, just to get you here.
I strongly suggest the Big South Fork Area. Before making the big move you should come here and check it out. I have a home on 22 acres for sale that has been greatly reduced. The home is only 3 years old. It is 2 miles from the Big South Fork. The home has hard wood floors, cerramic tiles and a very large wrap around deck. There is a large pond and a gold fish pond. There is a barn and there is pasture and woods. In am asking 225 but I can tell you I wont turn down a fair offer.
I agree with the Jamestown area for riding and horsepeople. Lots of folks moving there from all over the country. I recently bought 5 acres in Jamestown and can't wait to relocate. I live in NH currently. Good luck with your search.
You need to contact Sheila Coffman. She talked to you last year. Her property is on S. Pittsburg Mountain within 5 miles of Franklin, which is a great riding place well kept by Tennessee rangers. Her property is 15 acres ready for a house and a house that is about 15000 sq feet(myguess) She is on trail riders so you can friend her. God Bless your move. I grew up in Fl and my family settled Boynton Beach in the 1890s. I grew up in Ft. Myers, was born in Ft. Pierce. Loved it back when, but it has changed too much for me. Give me Tennessee anyday. Peggy
Peggy, Thank you for the suggestion. Actually I talked to Sheila last year and I am afraid her property is out of my price range. I am limited to a max of $135,000 for house barn & pasture. I know this is going to make things difficult, but the housing market is so bad here I can't even begin to sell my house. I am renting it out now till the market gets better, which is expected to take awhile. Thanks again, Marilyn
Hi Marilyn,
Have you considered North Alabama? It's 1 hr drive to Chattanooga, 1 hr drive to Gadsden, 1 & 1/2 hr to Huntsville, 2hr drive to Altanta & Birmingham, 2 &1/2 hrs to Nashville. I live in Mentone, there's plenty of riding here or one can haul to lots of trails too. Mentone is about a 15 min drive from Crockford Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management which has over 19 thousand acres, excellent trails - easy to challenging, primitve camping. Also Little River Management is about a 20 min drive, nice wide sandy trails there, about 1 hr drive to Town Creek - Lake Guntersville, good trails there too. My husband & I do have a couple empty rentals if your interested until you find what you want, Both 1 bedrm, both have pasture, 1 has a barn. You can contact me at cyntipton@gmail if you'd like more info & pics. Happy Trails, Cindy
I was out and about yesterday, roaming around the area within an hour north of Chattanooga. Saw some land for sale near hy 127 just before it drops off the mountain going north toward Dunlap, Saw several more places for sale going up east valley Rd in Sequatchie Valley, And then we went across the valley at college station (halfway between Dunlap and Pikeville) and up the mountain on the other side on brockdell Rd. There was some land being devided into 5-36 acre plots on old CC Rd. a little gravel/dirt rd that goes over across the backside of fall creek falls state park. some pasture and some wooded. which is quite remote and about a full hour drive from Chattanooga. Hit the right spot and I'm sure you could find land for reasonable prices, I thinksmall to medium plots starts at around $2,000 an acre right now.


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