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We are coming form Central Illinois to ride at Townsend, Tennessee in the Smokey Mountains.

I'm looking for suggestions on where to ride/trails to take to have the best time.  We are staying at the Lazy Horse Retreat through Memorial Day.  We do not have reservations after that but don't have to be back home until the 5th of June.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Thanks,  Will.

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I just stayed at Timber Ridge Campground and it was very nice.  Here is a link of a bunch of different places.  Hope  you find a good one and have fun!  http://www.horsetraildirectory.com/Nov05_selector_results.asp?State...




1263 School House Gap Road  Townsend, TN 37882

This is an awesome place and ride right out on the trails. I have lots of other friends who have stayed here and all loved it. It is in the Smokey Mountains with great trail access and hosts. Have fun!

We won't be going back.


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