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We have a TWH that was bitten in the face 3 years ago by a rattlesnake. He laid flat on his side for almost 2 weeks (we went out every few hours to help him up so he could drink, eat, and relieve himself, but he'd go right back down as soon as we left). At the time, our main concern was just trying to get him to survive! He fully recovered in about 2 months, but has a spot on his hip that WILL NOT grow hair back. The vet says it never will, and told me to keep it moist (I've been putting lotion, petroleum jelly, Corona, and everything else I can think of on it every day). Does anyone have ANY other ideas? I am willing to try anything! Since it IS scar tissue, I'm afraid it's hopeless, but a friend wants to borrow him, and I know he's not going to go to the trouble of putting anything on him every day. Last winter I went 10 days without applying anything, and it dried up and busted open! It was AWFUL!! So the vet was apparently right. 3 years of this!!!! Sorry this is so long, but wanted to disclose everything! Oh, and I tried the bacon grease thing, too!!!

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Have you tried MTG. It's great stuff! www.shapleys.com I buy it at Tractor Supply.
If you don't think your friend will care for the horse then by all means don't let the person borrow him. I let some people keep my horse 3 months one time, he was so skinny when I got him back I felt so bad for him and IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! Have you tried putting aloe vera on it? Aloe vera gel, or even if you had an aloe plant you can cut it and squeeze the juice out onto a scar, it is great for healing wounds and will even help reduce scarring. This is relatively cheap to get so it's just a thought.
I can't think of a solution for hair, except expirmenting with different things, I've seen an occasional product claiming it makes hair grow. But just fer the info; We should be aware, that there's a very commen weed growing in most peoples yards and gardens and all over the place that has powerful drawing properties, so good it'll pull out the toxin of brown recluse spider bite, (my brother had one and he kept a poltice on for several days, and it worked) I chew up a leaf and hold it on a bee sting for a few minutes and the toxin is pulled out.
Any kind of bite or infection it will work on real fast. I use it for thrush in a innertube boot, clean up the foot and put the boot on, dump a bunch of pulverized plantin in and tie it up, usually taken care of in one application overnight, it pulled a hoof abcess out in 3 days.
That weed is plantain, either broadleaf or english plantain. some pastures or hayfields are loaded with the english plantain. and both are a very commen yard weed. a blender will make a pulp of it fairly well with just enough water to get it to work. Or I've also boiled a kettle of water, took it off the heat and stuffed it full of leaves, let it cool and used it that way. but it may work better fresh on critical things. The faster it can be gotten on after a bite the better.
One of those home remedies that works better and faster than anything else ever dreamed of working.
I heard stories of it working real well on snake bite but I havn't had expirence there (hope I never do)
If I had a case of toxin that went too long and got into the bloodstream, I would just eat a lot of it, and then if the case were critical I'd do whatever necessary to do a whole body covering of it. And if plantain isn't availible powdered charcoal made into a wet paste is next best, (water filter charcoal or hardwood charcoal, not the grilling kind) and if charcoal isn't availible clay just about always is. Plain old gooy clay is quite good at drawing toxin although maybe only half the strength or less of plantain. I heard about a man who'd gotten a scorpian sting in the tropics (bad as rattlesnake there, huge things) his whole body was swelling and he was in immediat danger. They stirred up some clay on a stream bank and immersed him to his neck, it pulled the toxin out and saved his life.
What does this plant look like?
You may want to try Preferon. It is available at Walgreens and CVS, you can check out comments on the Walgreens website from people who have used the product. I personally don't have any experience with it but the commercial came on tv when I was reading your post. Good Luck!
Hi, Im not sure that this will work, but I would try it. Mederma is for scar tissue old and new. I have used it on people not horses and it worked. Good Luck and don't let any one borrow him Poor Baby! Dawn You can buy it at any drug store or Walmart.
A friend of mine told me to use Rogain. You know the stuff that balding men use. I have not tried this, because I have not had to. But he used it on his horse that had fell and took a big spot clear down to the meat. He said it was months after it healed and never would grow hair back. So he went to Wal-Mart and bought a bottle and applied it twice a day for seven days. I have seen the horse, besides the slight raised spot where the hide grew back, you would never know it. Yours being on his lip, I would make sure not to get it in his mouth, as I don't know of the poisonous effects if any at all. "Happy Trails" Greg
One more thing, never loan a horse to anyone!!! The bad habits they can pick up, really sucks!!! Been there done that!!! Not to mention diease, illnesses, and other things like weight loss, getting scared up or crippled.
Go to google and type in plantain weed. It will bring up pictures for you to see. I have a lot in my yard. I am going to try it on my chigger bites!!! I hate those little buggers! I don't know that this will help hair grow back on a healed pressure sore, but it can't hurt. At least you will know what it looks like if you ever have another snake bite issue. I just wonder about the Rogaine...? Good luck!
I don't have the name of a good place to get it, but coconut oil is really, REALLY good for hydrating scar tissue. I was given some that was purchased in bulk from somewhere in the Caribbean (they didn't tell me where, although I really wanted to buy some later). It is a solid cream when it is cool and a liquid when it gets hot, so I'd probably keep it in the house and take it out to the barn. It really hydrates skin (I used it on an old scar tissue patch) and it also helps hair grow faster, like on a scraped spot. I would also use it on surface wounds instead of Corona.

We also had a horse get bitten by a poisonous snake, but thank God it was on his lower leg and not his head. He was not nearly as bad off as yours, but the epsom salt soaks got old really fast lol
A lot of folks are concerned about us loaning this horse...I should be more specific! It is my husband's best friend, and we HAVE borrowed HIS horse (which my husband sold him over 3 years ago). I've spoken to him in great detail about the special care the scar requires, and he says he will be dilligent about it. We can also check up on him anytime. (It IS my husband's horse....so I have little say in the matter!) It should only be about a month.....he'll get tired of a "new" horse by then! But we still haven't delivered him yet.
I can't believe all the responses to my problem! It's really great that so many people will take the time to help out a stranger.....Thanks a million!! I think I'll try the Mederma first....while trying to hunt down the plant.
Good luck with whatever treatment you decide on. I was reading the comment about coconut oil. Years ago I do know that coconut butter was purchased at the pharmacy. You might also consider it as being a food type product or an ingredient in cosmetics. I'm sure if you go online you'll be able to find a source. Happy trails..........
I've been using Dermafas on my mare that had a couple of bare spots under her belly. This stuff is incredible! Her hair has grown in these spots and the irritation has completely healed. Another mare had derma-lesions in her ear. We put Dermafas on the problem area and within 2 days the lesions had fallen off and the skin began healing. I used it on a cut on my hand and you can't tell I was ever injured. Just google Dermafas. A jar is less than $20 inc shipping.

Good luck!


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