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I returned home Sunday night from this 10 day trip to the reservation in South Dakota. I took 7 saddles, and an assortment of pads and girts for the children and teens. Bamm was very grateful and showed me 4 saddles saying that was what he had to use with over 200 kids and what I brought was better quality. We all shed a few tears. The Veterinary Clinic was a huge success also with a lot of spay & neuter, castration and even treating the wounds on a colt caused by a mountain lion. Up at 5 everyday but an awesome week. I will still be collecting more saddles and tack to take back next June. God bless all of you who pray and support this work.

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Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Thanks for letting us know how things went Linda.  I for one am very happy to see some aid being shared right here at home, in the USA, not overseas.  I believe we as a country let our own go w/out too much. 


The pix are great!

Thank you so for following my missions and for the kind comments. But, not only are these people right here at home our govt and ancestors created this mess. The biggest thing the Lakota need is a way to make a living. They have 80% unemployment and it is difficult for them to leave the reservation and start on their own. This is a perfect example of how trusting the govt/socialism to take care of you does not work. I have found them to be warm, loving and grateful that I come with no personal agenda or trying to make money off them. Just sharing the love of Jesus, encouragement, prayer, help with the young people and friendship.


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