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I am leaving for South Dakota this Wed, June 1. Anyone wanting to keep up with what we are doing at the summer camp can go to my website: www.gaitstoheaven.org

I will be blogging and posting pictures each week. Cell reception is poor there but you can still try if you want; 931-334-4399. Also for anyone wanting to make a donation I now have paypal on my website. We still need help feeding the children.

Blessings and Happy Trails,

Linda Grajewski

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Linda, just wanted to say have a safe trip! I will be thinking about you and the children having fun with horses. I am moving to Cabot, AR in less than 2 weeks to live with my mom who has lost most of her eyesight, so I doubt if we will ever get to ride together again...but you never know! Sure wish I could have made the trip to South Dakota with you...it is one of many places I would love to see. Add in the children to ride and play with...I am sure it will be a very memorable and rewarding trip. Good luck and ride safe! Adrienne and Little Rock
you will be in my prayers daily,God bless,jackie
Thanks girls! Adrienne we go to Idlenook Horse camp at Bonnerdale Arkansas in October. If you are close you could come ride with us there. I have no idea where Cabot is but the camp is about an hour and a half west of Hot Springs.


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