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I had a beautiful ride here yesterday, but by myself. Does anyone here ever get up that way? I'm anxious to go back, but it would be more fun with some company!

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Hey Margo, My name is Audrey Rody and I could meet you at Percy Warner sometimes to ride, I have a paint quarter horse that needs to get out every once in awhile. And if you'd like to ride other places just let me know, if you'd haul to my place,I'd haul to other places. I live at exit 46 ,off interstate 65 near Columbia,Tn. I no longer work,so I can ride just about anytime!!! I enjoy meeting new horse people and hopefully making new friends!!! Send me a comment if you'd like to ride sometime. Bye-Bye!!! Audrey
Hey Audrey, that would be great!! I live in Elkton, close to the AL state line, so it's a bit of a drive, but that's O.K. I just got a trailer and my boyfriend's horse is lame, so I'm on my own. I would love to get together to ride. I would like to go to Why Not Ranch but I'm afraid I will get lost. I'm good at that, LOL! Let's come up with a time and place, O.K.? Maybe some other people on here would like to get together too??
I ride at PW Park often and would be able to meet you for a weekend ride.
Why Not is not hard to find at all. And the trails there are well marked and easy to find your way back to camp.
Give it a try!
That sounds great Bertie, it sounds like we could get a group together for a ride, that would be great!!
We ride there once in awhile...it is one of my wife's favorite places.
would love to ride there also,I'm free most days too,just let me know,sounds like there is enough of us !
That sounds like a plan Jackie!!
I would love to ride there w/you, probably not till next Spring though as I've gotten an old horse back I use to own and right now getting weight on him and his feet back correct so next year will be ready to start getting him in some better shape.
That would be great, I'll be wanting to ride all I can in the Spring. I love the Spring! Good luck with your horse and getting him in shape!
Dana, that sounds like a great plan, let's shoot for end of Oct. I love this site, and I'm so happy I've met some people to ride with!
I live very close to Percy Warner and would really like to ride with ya'll. Let me know when. Thanks.


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