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My Draft X is a real fidget when tied, he wants to eat all the time, so i have been looking into Patience tying, if any one has any useful tips, i would be grateful, i did ground work in my round pen with him today and then lunged free style, a little bit of head shaking but nothing too bad, then i took him back to my stalls and tied him with the safety knot he did not fidget too much, but did start to play with the lead rope about 40 minutes into it and actually undid it a couple of times, he did not try to leave so i just re tied, i stayed with him just doing barn chores and he stood there for 1hr and 10 mins, which i thought was petty good ?? i have had times when he has reeled back on me so i didnt want to let him out of my sight, i hope this will be something that will teach him to stand still, he is too big and strong to be pulling up his head off the grass every time i go on a trail ride, it feels like his nose is glued to the ground !!!!! and he will not stand still to tack outside my trailer its really aggravating and i have to be constantly on him, any tips would be helpful- thanks

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Try the Blocker tie ring, he can move a littel but won't feel trapped. Lots of practice tying while you are around but not directly watching and gradually increasing the time he's tied is a great idea. Use 2 lead ropes ot tie with the tail of the rope trhough the last loop of the knot so when he pulls that it just gets tighter (maybe we can meet on trail someday and I can show you, LOL!)

As far as trail rides, don't try to pull his head up-he is way too strong and you'll create a dead mouht. Give him a ago forward cue-squeze with your calves, tap with your heels, or tap with a crop if necessary when his head is down-just be prepared for a big linge forward when you first try this and be sure not to catch him in the mouth by accident

Hey Jackie, i got one of the blocker rings yesterday from the Clinton anderson tour, i also purchased a spanker strap, but read my new comment below, i think he must of sensed that i had that spanker on board today as i did not even have to touch it, this clinton anderson stuff is amazing and it worked well for me today, i had the best ride on Tristan EVER, i could not believe the difference, the grass thing i am working on, and hopefully with this more energetic training it will hopefully help, i have given up pulling, thats only damaged a ligament in my forearm, so i do carry a crop !!
That spanker sounds just the thing! and just keep him so busy moving he doesn't have a chance to dive his head down (I know, easier said than done!) Keep up the great work-glad you have been persistent with him.
Okay, I have NEARLY the perfect horse, EXCEPT, when tied. I cannot tie him with a halter, he rubs it off. I put a neckrope on him, tie him, and he PAWS, constantly. I don't tie him in the trailer and he knows when I turn on a certain road that we are almost home and he starts pawing like crazy. This horse is 9 years old, the best trail horse I've ever had, except for the above. I thought this kind of fits in with the above thread. I also do not have lots of "spare" time. :( Any suggestions ?
Thanks, Stephanie
I was at the Clinton anderson tour this weekend, for the saturday clinic, absolutely fantastic, i applied some of the round pen technics today to my bucking draft as he was having a melt down, i actually got after him MORE- and WOW what a difference he finally calmed down, lengthened his trot and canter and did everything text book from then on, i then rode him, this horse would do 3 trot steps and stop like a big old couch i could kick and kick and be worn out, BUT today he actually trotted all the way around my arena without stopping and with very little effort from me, i was BLOWN away, i then rode him out of the arena away from my other horses and brought him back and tied him, this was only for about 30 or so minutes , but he just stood there like an angel, now i know thats not long and i too dont have the time especially in the week, but what C anderson was saying , the training /riding will soak into them when they are stood there and they need to learn to stand paitiently, he used to paw and fidget all the time, but i have done this a couple of times now and he is much better, again time is my thing as we have our own business, weekend is the only time i could tie for a longer time, when i can watch him- hope this helps


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