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Let's ride at Natcez trace park, Saturday Feb. 7th. The weather is supposed to be in the 60's and sunny! We will be meeting around 11:00 at the day use area. Everyone come ride!

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I'll be there.. It is going to take me longer to haul since I've moved and a little farther out.. so, might be a little late.. I'm going to load all my tack and stuff up on Friday so all I won't have to worry about that killing time.
Well I am working 48 hours and get off at 7 that morning, so I may be a zombie, lol! Tresa & Bob, do yall have plans that day? We will just be day riding.
yes will be there we will meet yall there around 11
is this the one in Leipers Fork?
This is in Wildersville/Camden, TN.. exit 116 off I-40 West. It is about an hour west of Nashville..

You are thinking the Natchez Trace Scenic Trail.. When I first met Julie.. that is exactly the place I was thinking of!! I had never heard of Natchez Trace Park.. Don't know why they have the same kind of name when they don't even meet up!! Strange.. but I guess it is the same principal as driving on the same road and the name changes 50 times!! LOL!!!
Although they have the same name, they are different places, but dedicated to the same thing. Natchez Trace Parkway is a National Park, overseen by the NPS, there is about 24 miles of trail starting at Garrison Creek in Leipers Fork close to Mike I'd say.
Natchez Trace State Park is of course is a state park, as the name implies, with camping, and a nice bath house/pavilion, and is in Carroll County, I think, I-40 actually runs right through the park, I have driven through the park, but never ridden there, good riding I hear, for flat land. I think the oldest Pecan tree is there, I was not very impressed.
The Natchez Trace was a road used by traders, hunters and Native Americans to travel back to Tennessee from Natchez Mississippi. One thing that happened a lot was to load all your stuff on a boat, what ever you were trading, and travel the river all the way to New Orleans, they would sell their goods, then take the boats apart and sell the lumber, then travel overland along the Natchez Trace back north all the way to Nashville. The invention of the Steam Boat, and being able to travel UP river just about did away with the use of the Trace, but it was brought back as a 450 mile long National Park, the horse trail actually uses some of the original road bed. NO COMMERCIAL VEHICLES! Do not go on the Parkway with any type of commercial sign on your truck!
Since this is a scheduled ride (or event) I will move this to the EVENTS section so that everyone can see it and it will remain visible to everyone on the site...
Julie, we have never been there....our mules are currently barefoot.......do you think they need shoes, or will they be OK barefoot? Jim and Susan would like to come, I am recovering from that surgery, so let me know your opinion on the shoe issue. Thanks, Deb
Hey Julie, one more question....Susan and I looked up the park online. Is the day use area y'all are meeting at in the Equestrian Center part? We don't have a clue:-) Thanks.
No they can come barefoot. There is almost no rock there at all. The only time mine have a problem are on the gravel roads, but we can ride the side or skip them. Come off the interstate and head south. (I think this is exit 116, but don't hold me to it) You will PASS Wrangler's camp on the right. Just a little farther down, next drive to the right is the equestrian center. Turn in, you can go on and park. Sometimes lady is out there collecting money, checking coggins, sometimes not. If she's not outside, park and she'll find you later.
I am in a white 96 ford dually with bison 4 horse LQ. Has appaloosa plates on the front.
My horses are barefoot and I don't need to boot them at NTP.. The footing is mostly soft dirt.. There are some sections of rocky parts.. but it isn't to awfully bad.. If they are super tender footed.. it may bother them a little bit.. but the sections don't go on for miles.. so I think they will be alright.

The day use area is behind the equestrian center. You turn into that area.. the lady stops you to check your coggins then you just keep going back behind the center and get to a big parking area.


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