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The new Timber Ridge Water Fall trail is now officially opened, this is an absolutely gorgeous trail that ends at a spectacular water fall.  You ride through Beaver pass and end up at Timer Ridge Falls.

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Does it start at the campground?  How far to the waterfall?  It looks gorgeous.

Hello Katy,

Yes, your ride right from the campground to get to it!!!!

How far is it, approximately, from the campground to the waterfall?
will be there at Thanksgiving.  cannot wait to ride this new trail.  The waterfall is beautiful!!!!!
OH, Lee glad to see you on a horse.  Great PIC!!!!!
Can't wait to check out the new trail!
Lee, you have really been working!! Can't wait to see this trail on Halloween!
The new trail is wonderful!  It's a gorgeous, fun trail to a gorgeous waterfall.  We had a blast riding it today!  Thanks!
Katy, I would love to have this picture for my website, can you email it to me?  Also watch for more trails, we just finished Fiddlers Arch!!
I have a TON of great waterfall shots.  What's your email address?  Nora is headed back up there this weekend, I'll be sure to let her know.

lalalala, closing my eyes so I don't see all these beautiful pictures, lalalalala, rubbing the genie lamp so I won't feel guilty and my husband won't be upset with me when I go camp at these kinds of places for a few days, lalalalala, it's not working!!! I still see the gorgeous scenery even with my eyes closed!

One of these days, I'll be riding up there at your campground. 


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