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Recently I posted an inquiry asking if anyone knew of a campground with stables close to the East side of the Smokies. Several people offered help but no one actually knew of one. Well, I have found a great place, reasonably priced, close to the interstate in Clyde, NC and the owners are trail riders. Their names are Karen and Marty Best. They both work full time jobs and Marty is a practicing farrier and farms hay on his off days. They both trail ride and have ridden the Smokies and surrounding area all their lives. They know the trails-by name, because they have ridden them. Their barn has twelve stalls, each measuring 12' X 14', a hot and cold water wash bay and two shoeing stalls. In addition, they have a large round pen and additional turnout area. In the past, Karen and Marty have catered primarily to people traveling through the area with their horses. They recently decided to start renting LQ trailer  space and stalls to people needing accommodations for a longer stay (we were there nine days). To support this effort, Marty offers his aluminum goose neck 16' stock trailer for you to rent so you don't have to disturb your LQ once you have it set up. We had a great stay, Karen and Marty saw that we felt welcomed and had everything we needed. The name of their place is Best Haven Farm in Clyde, NC. Their phone numbers are 828-734-8942 and 828-627-3044. 

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I would like to try going there.  How far from Jamestown do you think it is?


I would estimate it to be about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes after you get to Knoxville. Except for about three miles, it will be Interstate all the way. I think you will really like Marty and his wife Karen. They have done a lot of camping themselves and know how to make you feel at home. They both work and they live off the property so you pretty much have the farm where you stall and camp all to yourself. Once they have you set up, you are by yourself. He has some very nice people who live near the front of the property, but you will be set up near the barns on the backside. If you need Marty or Karen just call them. Let me know if you need more help.



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