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Hello All- I am a new member and am looking for other women interested in getting together for horse related activities. I am 56 years old and live in Hohenwald TN (1 hour south of columbia).

Are there already any groups of women that get together to ride or for western related activities?

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Oh, I live in NW TN now, so I'm not in touch with anything going on back home. For instance, I didn't even know that you guys got a tractor supply! Moving up in the world lol.
Dr. Hensley's barn is a rotating cast of varying renters as I understand it, so you never know who's going to be there.
I sure hope that you can find some people to ride with; I know that there are people that are active in the area, I just don't know any of them, personally. Good luck! :)
Thanks so much for replying Laura- hope to meet you in the future at one of the events!
Hey Shelley, we are going to Laurel Hill WMA tomorrow around 11am. You are welcome to meet us if you would like to ride. If you haven't been there it is Hwy 241 (Napier Road) going east off the the Natchez Trace. Then you turn on VFW road and the trailer parking spot is on the right. My home phone is 615-799-0814 we have to leave about 8:30 or 9, my cell phone is 615-477-7804...service is sketchy down that way, but texting will go through. Hope to see ya there.
Thanks for the info Adrienne- wiish I could join you- I am working all weekend- hoep you enjoy your ride!
Hey Shelley, we are going to go to Why Not instead of Laurel Hill due to the weather forecast. Hope to see you there. We'll be there around 10:30 approximately.
I live in Fairview and would like to ride with you sometime. I can ride at Natchez Trace (Hwy 7 or Garrison Creek), Percy Warner or Fairview Bowie Park. I'm a 58 year old female, not working right now, so I can ride during the week. I do come to the Equine Training Center in Mt Pleasant every week, will be there tomorrow at 10:30 am. That probably isn't very far from you. I've also ridden at Why Not, which is very close to you.
Let me know if you would like to meet for a ride sometime soon.
Hi Elayne- would love to connect with you and also want to hear more about the Mt Pleasant training center- my email is kids@doublecreek.net/ 931-722-7218. My busiest work month of the year is Sept, so I have very limited time to ride until October. Would enjoy connecting with you!
Shelley, my email is tn3horses@aol.com. Phone is 615-969-9390. Give me a call or email anytime. October is a great month for riding. I'm a retired insurance agent. My husband used to ride a lot but since becoming self employed, he spends most of the time on his business, so I'm looking for trail riding friends. On the weeks I don't have a trail riding buddy, I go to the equine training center twice to ride. (There is EVERYTHING to do there. Indoor arena, outdoor arena and trail course. Jan specifically works on whatever problem you are having with your horse.)

I am looking forward so much to the month of OCtober - I am out of state working most of the month of Sept-It looks like I have lots of new friends to connect with- I am thinking of maybe organizing a ride and pot luck down here to get folks together- We have so many trails right off of our property and lots of creeks for watering!
Hello. My name is Wanda Powers and I live in Old Hickory, TN. I am looking for women to ride iwth as my husband does not ride anymore. I am especially looking for day rides. Have you ever been to Bucksnort Trail Ride. It is a great place for someone to be safe and have fun. I go two weeks a year. We are having a ride the first week of October if you are interested.
Shelley what is the Mt. Pleasant Training Center? Would love to hear more about it. You can contact me privately at bwpowers@tds.net or at wanda.powers@tn.gov. Thanks.
I had not heard of it until Elayne posted something about it- so I have no details on the Mt Pleasant Training Center. I i will email you privately- thanks for writing!


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