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Hello All- I am a new member and am looking for other women interested in getting together for horse related activities. I am 56 years old and live in Hohenwald TN (1 hour south of columbia).

Are there already any groups of women that get together to ride or for western related activities?

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Check out the various "GANGS" on this website, I'll bet there is a group there that will fit your fancy. Welcome to TTR!!!
Thanks so much Mike- I will check the gangs out for sure!
Please look on the Events page. I have a Fellowship in the Barn on Friday nights. I have a different speaker each week. We live 4 miles outside of Columbia and it is easy to find. If you want to come I will give directions. Also check out the Maury County Mounted Ministry website. They have organized rides. They have one this Saturday at 10am at Laurel Hill. Hope you will join us this week at the barn.
Hello there my name is Angie. I am 30 and would love to find other women to do horse activities with. I live in Adamsville TN which is in west tn. I think its like 1 1/2 hrs from Hohenwald.
Hi Angie- thanks for writing. I will check out on a map where you are located - What in particular are looking to do? I have an interest in not just riding, but love western history and shopping for western decor, etc. Also I love country music and am intersted in going to concerts, etc.!
Angie, I have been looking at property in Adamsville. I'd love it if I knew there were people there that were into trail riding and trails to ride. What's it like there? I am dying to leave Florida but am still looking for the right place. I want to live where I can ride with others and it is not in the 90's all summer long.
You should join us for the Davy Crockett Ride for Down Syndrome Awareness on October 16 at Many Cedars. Phil Thomas, a country song writer puts this on and brings several song writers he knows to entertain us on Saturday night. We will have food and games plus entertainment. It would be a great place to meet other local horse people in our area.
Thanks for mentioning this Vanessa- it has been on that long "things to do list"! I am adding to my calendar right now!
Hi Shelley, we are a group who ride together whenever we can. There are 3 adult women (one hasn't been able to go much lately due to work) 1 teenager, 1 11 year old, 1 or 2 twenty something guys, my husband, and anyone else who wants to hook up with us. We haven't ridden in about 3 weeks, but are planning on going to Timber Ridge in the Big South Fork in October (15-17th). I am sure we will ride somewhere sooner than that if the weather will break a little! I will try to give you a shout next time we go.
Hi Shelly,
I live in Culleoka and am new to the horsie community. There are lots of groups out there (especially on Trailriders). Women on the Edge is a good one, and there is also a Friday night group that does fellowship in the barn. we have lots of good fun and stuff. If you look in events, its under Fellowship in the Barn (by Linda G.).
I don't know many people on here yet, but i'd sure go riding somewhere if you wanted to go.
I am 40 years old and a breast cancer survivor. My kids are grown and my other half doesn't care for horses so its just me. I am wanting to try out Many Cedars or Laurell Hill (if it ever gets cool enough).
I used to live in Summertown, and visited the barn back behind Joey Hensley's house a couple of times. I think that it is just rented out to whomever at any given time, but you may want to stop in there to see if they (or they know someone) who you could ride with. The barn is out hwy 20 on the east side of town on the first left after the city limits end (and past the big house with the white fence).
Also, if you take 412 west, there is the store called Horsestop. The owner is pretty nice (if she hasn't left in a few years!) and there used to be a bulletin board in there that people might put adds up about riding. She might also know about groups in the area.
I know that there is a Christian group based in, I think, Culleoka that do pretty regular rides in the southern middle TN area. I never went with them, but a friend of mine did a few times and she enjoyed it. I could ask her the name of the group, if you'd like :)
Thanks for responding Laura - we used to go to horse stop until tractor supply opened up....will check back there. The lady you are talking about at horsestop is no longer there-Have been to Dr Hensley's barn and not sure if any horses are there now- but that is a great idea- I will check back there as well. Thanks!
Are you going to the Fellowship in the barn this friday? I am looking forward to meeting some folks there that I have been chatting with and plan to attend.


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