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Just a little FYI...I received a new link this morning for a new campground in Mammoth Cave. Thought it might be of interest so here it is. I have ridden several times at Mammoth Cave but it has always been a day ride. I really enjoy the trails. Each time I have ridden has been on the north side of the park. I always go in just past Lincoln.
Looking forward to checking this out...Happy Trails.


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Are you going to the grand opening weekend? My husband and I and possibly one other couple will be checking them out that weekend. I, too, am happy to see more campgrounds at Mammoth Cave.
Happy Trails,
Hi Jacci,

There are a few girls going to Seven Springs that weekend on an all girls ride...so I won't make opening weekend...but I believe we will be there soon after that. It is only a couple of hours from our house. I'll be interested to hear what you think of the facitilies...have you ridden there before?
Hey Vicki,
I've ridden at Mammoth Cave before, last year I went to D Bar K for the All Cowgirl Weekend. I have heard that Mammoth Cave Horse Camp has 50 sites and that most are shaded. They are supposed to be posting some pictures of the finished sites on their website this week. I'll try to get some pictures and share them here.


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