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I need to buy a kid broke horse or pony for a 7 year old girl that has never riden before.
Anyone near Giles County Tenn. know of one for sale?

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We are located in Hartselle, AL, just down I-65 S from Huntsville. We have a dead broke, calm, quiet 10 yr. old sorrel and white TWH gelding. He's around 15.2h , very pretty, sound and healthy in every way. There is no such thing as a "kid broke" horse in my opinion, but he's as close as you're gonna find. They all are large, prey animals with minds of their own. I wouldn't turn any 7 yr. old loose on any horse that has never ridden before. I would by all means put the horse and child in a round pen first, lead him around for awhile, and let the child get accustomed to starting, stopping, turning, etc. If you'd like to see him, go to our website@alllitupfarm.com, click on Horses For Sale, scroll down to Cheyenne, click on the link under his picture and then click on each individual image to see pics and videos.



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