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Does anyone on this site believe in natural healing????? Is anyone willing to open their minds to natural healing????? Do most of you want to continue to put poison in your horses EVERY DAY????? PLEASE DON'T CONTINUE TO DO IT when there is a better way a natural way! I know the natural healing works I have been using it for years, on me my dogs and horses. Please open your minds and don't blindly think the vets know it all. They have been brain washed to think chemicals/poisons is the only way. Just give natural healing a chance before you say it doesn't work. Dr. Dan Moore is the natural vet, he was the run of the mill vet until he opened is eyes to a better safe way and I say GOD BLESS him!............................Thanks.................................Tazz

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Hi Tazz,
I think animals-and humans too for that matter-do best with minimal intervention and the more natural/less processed the product the better off we all are.
That goes for horsekeeping too-my guys are out 24/7 and healthy year round while my neighbor stalls hers 23 hrs/day and wonders why her foals are short and not muscled and she has the vet out for respiratory stuff every fall. Of course mine do get sunbleached and hers are dark year round, but that's just fine with me!
Hi Jackie, It is so nice to talk to someone that can see God knows what he is doing. My horses also stay out and are as health as can be. I would never raise a horse in a stall cause they are not what they should be emotionally or any other way, BUT they will not be sunbleached LOL!!
I specailize in all natural skin care for mostly dogs but a lot of it applys to horses and people. But because I am not a vet most people wont do what I suggest and some time they wont do it cause of the money. They don't stop and think it will save them money in the long run. A lot of the vets will drain you dry if you let them and never fix the problem just cover it up for a short time. Then your back on the merry go round again. Thanks Jackie,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Tazz
I think vets are taught in school that most owners want something done to "fix" the problem and want an immediate fix, when often tincture of time is the best option and healer. I have also noticed the "diagnosis of the week/month/year" with its treatment, seems to cycle around periodically and be aimed at frequent vet calls so the owner thinks something is being done. And sadly some owners seem to enjoy regaling folks with what an exotic or expensive problem their horse has and what a good owner they are to be paying for/participating in the treatment.
I do know several vets I respect greatly and would allow them to treat my horse if they thought it necessary, BUT they also believe in the "less is more" philosophy.
Good talking with you Tazz!
I have studied that subject for 30 years in respect to human needs, (most of it crosses over easily to horses) consequently I call on a vet less than once in 5 years, just do it all myself usually using the weeds that grow around the place for the occasional needed medicine. I used some of Dr Moore's products for awile but didn't keep it up due to expense. I also have Dr Julet Barclay Levy's book, (I'm sure my spelling is off on that name) on natural healing for animals. She was a practicing holistic vet in europe for many years, she died reciently at 93. There is almost no limit to what can be done using natural treatments, not quite bring the dead back to life but almost. But it does take a lot of study to learn what to do and it takes work, not like popping a pill for what ails ya and go on about life as usual.
I really like people like you, open minded and will put your faith in natural things. I feel sorry for people that wont even try natural healing. They are harming the animals they claim to love with harsh meds and chemicals. They are so brain washed they don't even think about some of these meds as poison to the animals, READ THE LABELS!!!!!!!!! They are too hard headed and or proud to open up to what God has given us to heal. As you can tell I care very very deeply about animals. Thanks to those who will share natural healing and those open enough to use it................Tazz


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