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Is anyone planning on attending the National Rodeo Finals in Vegas this December? My husband and I are already planning on attending and I thought it would be great to meet up out there with others from TN Trail Riders!

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I love Vegas, got married there, wish I could attend, lol.

We also got married out there! If anything changes and you can go- please let us know!
lol cool, did you stand in the long line at the marriage license office in Vegas. That was a wild experience in itself. I haven't been there since 2006 when I got married, wish I could go.
Yes- we did stand in the line and by the way were the only sober people- the justice of the peace that married us could not believe we had been together already for 8 years! We did not plan this, was out there on vacation with some family- cheapest weeding-$75, but probably the most fun!


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