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My friend has called from Texas and asked me to see if anyone has had a horse with these symptoms. The horse is at a local vets and he cannot find what is wrong.

1. First symptoms seemed like colic, but not

2. very lethargic/head down does not move

3. acts like in pain and cannot walk well

4. drinking, eating (hay only) and regular bowel and kidney function

5. no fever, blood work does not reveal infection

6. some swelling on front legs and this seems to be where a lot of the pain is


Anyone have any ideas? She is 4 hours from a vet school and does not want to transport her that far. Is staying at the local vets until Saturday. I just know someone out there has some info to help her. Thanks everyone.

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Oh my - how awful for your friend.   My QH did not have these symptons but we went through a similar situation where he got very sick and all the vets (we went through 4) scrached their heads  and sent us home.  We eventually ended up spending a week in Auburn at vet school (4 hours away for me too) with still no definate answer.   My heart goes out to her as I know all to well how frustrating it is to see your beloved horse in pain with no solutions.   Sorry I don't have any answers for her but I WILL pray for her.  Please let us know how she and horse are doing.  Blessings.   BTW with time my QH fully recovered.
This sounds like Lymes Disease.....it does not show up in blood work.Very painful joints, absolutely no energy. Humans, dogs, and horses suffer from it and 99 percent of the time it goes untreated because it's so hard to identify. Mention it to your vet and see what his input is....hope this is helpful to you and good luck!
They took her to another vet who specializes in equine treatment. He said she has a severe uterine infection and did not give a good prognosis. Please pray her name is ; Cocoa.

So sorry to hear - hoping for recovery.

I was going to say Lyme Disease as well.  Or even other tick and/ or bug borne diseases.     They can mimick other diseases and seem to have different symptoms on different animals/ people, depending on your particular underlying health problems.
Well now the vet is saying she has more going on than the uterine infection and is testing for lyme and epm and others.
I'm gonna pray too.  I hope they can help her.
Thanks, missed you Saturday and you missed a great day. PWHAT is at Garrison Creek this Sat at 10am. If I am better I am going to go.
Do they have any slow people riding?  I'm afraid my old horse won't be able to keep up.   Glad to see the other horse doing better.
My friend's horse is improved but they still do not have a diagnosis. She is at the vets and on IV and antibiotics. Will post if I get any more info.

Spoke with my friend today and Cocoa continues to improve but only thing showing up from tests is two types of bacterial infection. Still on IV and antibiotics at Vets.


Cocoa is home and showing great improvement but still not sure of what she had. Vet is thinking maybe bastard strangles but just not sure. Antibiotics are working. Thanks for prayers.


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