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I'm new to trail riding and camping with my horse. I'm interested in what you consider the "must-haves" on equipment, or any tricks, for both trailering and camping. What do you pack in your saddle bags for a day trip?

I've done a lot of reading and research - so I have some ideas. But there is always something you miss. Thanks!

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There could be a list a mile long for this, but mine will be much shorter :)

Of course, there is always the risk of injury, so it is good to have some medical stuff, but I usually just leave it at the trailer. Some banamine, bute, neosporin, vet wrap, muscle rub, etc. is all good to have.
Bring fly spray, spare halters and leads, spare reins, but these can probably also be left with the trailer. Oh, and baling twine will tie anything :)
In my saddle bags, I throw in a hoof pick and lots of water. If I am going to be out all day, a PB&J sandwich, too. I normally don't take any crazy trails, so this is about all I need. I also keep my halter on under my bridle in case my horse has to be ponied or tied.
lol when I read the pb&J sandwich thing it made me laff, last time I took one of those with me it was about 900 degrees outside and the jelly all melted out and slid into teh corner of the baggie. It was pretty funny.

Allison, if you have a cell phone be sure you strap it to you and not the horse.
Two of the most interesting "must haves" I've read about are two 6"-8" pieces of water hose and vaseline. I couldn't imagine what for and the poster let us wonder a bit before telling us exactly why he carried those items. Apparently this person rides where snakes are pretty common. If a horse gets snake bit on the face and the nasal passages swell up, you apply a bit of vaseline to the hose and insert into the nasal cavity and the horse can breathe.

One of my must haves is a bundle of the medium zip ties. Like the twine, you can hold together most anything with a zip tie.
A lady I ride with (an x-ray tech) always carries a magazine and a small roll of gauze or vet wrap. If anyone comes off your arm is probably most likely to get hurt. You can use the magazine as a splint and wrap it with the gauze, or you can use the gauze as a sling if it is the shoulder or upper arm that gets hurt. Either way you will still have an arm free to guide your horse, instead of having to hold it with your good arm. I also always bring a good sharp knife and a lighter. Where you are riding and what season it is has a lot to do with what you bring. If you are going to be several hours away from your camp or vehicle and it is cold at night a survival blanket (available in camping department at store) would be wise in case you have to stay out overnight. It is very thin and folds very small and made out of some sort of reflective material to conserve body heat. It will fit in your saddle bag easily. If you are just making a short day ride that isn't very remote, then you don't need as much.
Thank you so much for all of the replies! These are all great ideas - and many of them I had not considered!
Look back at the old "Forums" I had posted one Feb 26 titled "Camping and Trail Riding" there is lots of good advice that several people posted then. You may find some that will benefit you. Happy trails.
We carry Benadryl pills and cream. Also a good amount of lint from the dryer with matches in a waterproof bag. Wal Mart sells a small survival bag that fits nicely in my cantle bags and don't forget a good whistle.
in the trailer i always keep some basic medical stuff, for me and the horse. i also have one of the ramps you drive on if you have a flat..these are a must

i usually keep a cantle bag on my saddle, that i keep a flashlight, extra batteries, a small very basic first aid kit, hoof pick, an extra set of reins in it's not a bad idea to have a copy of your drivers license and an insurance card in their as well, if something was to happen.. and a plastic poncho for those unexpected showers. the ones that you can buy at walmart for a buck will work fine..its easier to throw them away when you are thru with them than try to fold them back.

always keep a cell phone with you...not on your horse...and a map...
i always keep a roll of duct tape in my trailer, vet wrap, blood stop powder, at least one polo wrap and one quilted pad, for a leg injury. extra saddle blankets cause you dont want to use a sweaty one for consecutive days, sunscreen, bug spray, we have a small air tank in the back of our truck you can fill it up at the gas station.
something that you need to have for camp, is a can opener and a pot to heat water in.. coffee, tea, hot chocolate... cup a soup... and a few cans of something that is easy to heat or can be eaten cold.
I always have a pot of coffee on most of the day and I can survive with a big tin cup, a pot and a fry pan.


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