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Does anyone know if there will be guided rides at Milky Way Farm on Sunday and Monday, May 26 and 27?  Thanks

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I will be riding at Milky Way this afternoon.

I have 2 or 3 three horses to take out Sunday and Monday and would be happy to show you around .

Let me know the day and the time and I can meet you there.



Keith Jackson

Milky Way Farm


931 478 0337

Hi, Could you meet us at about 11 am Monday?  I would like to be there earlier, but we moved here last year and I am not sure of the way. Also, once we get there, where will you meet us? Let6 me know, Thanks

See you at 11.00 tomorrow.

From Lewisburg: take 31A South, through Cornersville. Watch your speed!

keep going south on 31A, under I-65, go about another mile

Turn right on Buford Station Road

keep going until you reach Hwy 31

Turn left. You will pass the race track at milky way.

Turn right

Go around the round-a-bout

Park in the area at the end of the white railed fence.

I will be there to meet you.


Hi and good morning, I hope you get this message in time, because we will not be able to meet you today. Last night my niece had a severe allergic reaction to a bite, and we were at ER to late.  Seems every time we try to plan something, we have problems. I have been looking forward to coming, not sure what day, but I need to make it soon. My down time is when I ride, and I need it. Thanks so much

I was just about to tack up my horse. good job I checked my mail.

Let me know when you would like to plan another day. I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Try contacting me on my cell phone 931 478 0337


Is anyone riding there this Sat.


I usually ride at Milky Way on Saturdays and Sundays. However, this Saturday we will be showing down in Alabama. If we have a break in the rain on Sunday, I will certainly be out on that day.

Milky Way has some good, well-maintained trails. As a contrast, we rode on the Natchez Trace, off Hwy 50 at Williamsport, last week-end. Both the horses and riders got covered in ticks!


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