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Phain & I met while working on the Natchez Trace. …
So it's Good, Phain, old age hasn't diminished my memory to much.

My first meeting with the Dept of Interior regarding the Natchez Trace was in February of 1989. I met with the Interpreter, the architect, and the head ranger for organizational purposes.
We started the trail at Carters Creek road April of 1989. for New Years they let me host the first trailride from Carters Creek. Boy, what memories. the trail was completed (27 miles ) Oct 1991.

It would be nice to hear from some other folks about their experiences and memories from those days. I met some of the most wonderful folks in the world riding my horse on the Natchez.

There are some interesting events from that period. Once, I met a very elderly black lady on the trace one day. She told me how her mother had put up and fed Frank James, during his heyday. We talked for a few hours that day, and she left. I never could find her or find anyone that knew of her. Did anyone else ever met her?

I also learned so much history about middle Tenn while working on the trace.
If i had to pick the best, it would be the story behind the Monplier Mansion.

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tell me the story of Monplier Mansion-sounds interesting
Aaon Burr 1756-1836 was the Vice President under Thomas Jefferson. He spent a lot of time In Nashville, especially the area of the Natchez Trace. He was the victim of a smear campaign by General James Wilkinson, commanding General of the US. He accused Burr of conspiring with Spain to annex areas of he US. The General had plenty of witness and factual support because he was serving as a spy for Spain for almost two decades. Therefore, he was able to produce tainted documentation to support his accusations.
In 1807, Burr was " running from the law". Nicholas Perkins was the resistrar of Mississippi land office and saw Aaron ride by his office. Nicolas contacted Lt Edmund Pendleton Gaines who with a few soldiers arrested Burr and returned him to Richmond VA. for trial and was subsquently acquitted.
Perkins was entitled to the reward offered for the capture and arrest of Fugitive Burr.
The reward of $3,331.00 was given to Perkins and he selected Williamson County to build Montpier.
He built this stately mansion with the reward money and still had a little left over to purchase land. There is an interesting note about the location, it was located on the new and improved Goverment Road, the Natchez Trace.
General Wilkinson was still over the US army during the war against the Brittish while Jackson was in New Orleans. After the battle, Jackson, needed Government money to get " the boys " home and Wilkinson refused to comply. His intentions were to keep Jackson down there long enough to let Spain move into Washington and take over the Capital. Jackson got word of this, used private money to get his soldiers home and went after Wilkinson, who in turn, got wind and headed back to Spain.


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