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Looking for folks to ride with the weekend before Memorial Day. I am going to try to get a campsite or cabin at Many Cedars for Friday - Sunday. Anyone here going to Many Cedars that weekend? Most of my other riding buddies are working or otherwise occupied that weekend. Seriously need to ride since my last three attempts at riding were rained out!

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Where is many cedars again???
Many Cedars is down the Natchez Trace towards Hohenwald. For me it is about an hour from where you get on the Trace at Leiper's Fork. You up for it? There are no campsites or cabins available, but we could go for the day...they are having a dinner and band that evening. Some friends of mine went a couple of weeks ago and said they had a blast.

we are going to many cedars..for the memorial day weekend. you are welcome to come ride with us.. up be up early sat morning..


Hi Tina and bobby, I waited too late to get a campsite/cabin at Many Cedars unless a miracle occurs. So I will be driving down from the Centerville area that morning. What time do you all want to be on the trail?


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