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The following post was made was issued about McDonald's Restaurants but Dale Rudin found information stating that McDonald's has been falsely accused. I am sorry for any confusion, the following link will tell you that the Cattle Association DID NOT create the letter claiming that McDonald's is importing beef from South America:

I'm sure those of you who aren't in the
cattle business don't understand the issues
here. But to those of us whose living depends on the cattle
market, selling cattle, raising the best beef
possible... This is frustrating.

This will keep us from ever stopping at McDonald's again,
even for a drink.

The original message is from the Texas Cattle
Feeders Association American cattle producers are very
passionate about this.

McDonald's claims that there is not enough
beef in the USA to support their restaurants.
Well, we know that is not so. Our opinion is they are
looking to save money at our expense. The sad thing of it
is that the people of the USA are the ones who
made McDonald's successful in the first place, but we are not good enough
to provide beef.

We personally are no longer eating at
McDonald's, which I am sure does not make an
impact, but if we pass this around maybe there will be an impact felt.

All Americans that sell cows at a livestock
auction barn had to sign a paper stating that we
do NOT EVER feed our cows any part of another cow.
South Americans are not required to do this as of yet.

McDonald's has announced that they are going
to start importing much of their beef from South
America . The problem is that South Americans
aren't under the same regulations as American
beef producers, and the regulations they have are loosely

They can spray numerous pesticides on their
pastures that have been banned here at home
because of residues found in the beef. They can also use
various hormones and growth regulators that we
can't. The American public needs to be aware
of this problem and that they may be putting
themselves at risk from now on by eating at good old

American ranchers raise the highest quality beef
in the world and this is what Americans deserve to
eat.. Not beef from countries where quality is loosely
controlled. Therefore, I am proposing a boycott
of McDonald's until they see the light.

I'm sorry but everything is not always about
the bottom line, and when it comes to jeopardizing
my family's health, that is where I draw the line.

If you think that this justifies "boycotting McDonalds, please
pass this message on.

David W. Forrest, Ph.D ., PAS, Dipl.
ACAP Department of Animal Science
Texas A&M University
Phone (979) 845-3560
Fax (979)862-3399
2471 TAMU College Station , TX 77843-2471

S. American beef


From Wall Street to Main Street and everywhere in
between, stay up-to-date with the latest news.

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I agree that McDonalds is far less concerned about the quality of their beef, as they are the profit margin.
As a food service professional for a few decades, I can assure you that what you eat at McDonalds, hardly qualifies as food. No offense to the employees, but they don't pay well enough to hire people that actually care about the quality. Generally, the waitstaff will serve food, that they themselves wouldn't eat. They do not care if your fries or burger is old or cold, but I guarantee you that they want their food prepared fresh.
Read Eric Schlosser's book 'Fast Food Nation', you may give up on all fast foods.
While I think part of this is true, part isn't...you can read more details here:


That said, no fast food is good for you in general. Definitely better to eat at home or elsewhere!
It's logical that in the business world profit is the driving force, and if the company officials start looking at profits and forget the other issues of life (which are usually more important than money, but that's easily forgotten) quality can slide. Actually if there wern't enough cows in the US to feed McDonalds customers, the price of cows would be rising noticably as demand increased, just like the price of corn went up when they started using it for fuel production. Actually the efficency of food production is very low when you feed cows grain and then eat the cow, a lot more food can be had if we eat the grain ourselves, and grain can be made into some very nice meat substitutes that are better for the health than meat and taste just as good as far as I've eaten them. As for areas that can't grow grain I suppose it'd be hard to find something better suted to eat the grass and generate food.
I ate a McDonalds burger 1 time in my life, and that was 28 years ago.
i used to work at McDonalds and after that i never eat at McDonalds AGAIN! Also beef has so much hormones and steroids in it. One reason i became a vegetarian.


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