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Can anyone give me directions on how to get to this ride FROM I 65? I will be coming South on 65 from Columbia, Tn...Any and All help would greatly be appreciated from anyone.. thanks

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I've never been there Gale, but it looks like it would be easier for you coming from S'Town to take 43 south to 64 and go over that way. Doubt that I will be able to make it myself. Have fun.
I am actually going to Columbia to pick up a friend who is going to go with me.. that is why I needed to know how to get there from Columbia.. I think all I have to do is take 64 off the interstate.. I hope
thanks for helping me out though Stephanie.. much appreciated.
Yes take highway 64 east from I-65, I think it is exit 12 or 13, It's the Pulaski/Fayetteville exit, pay attention it's easy to miss. Anyway go east on 64, Jamie's farm is about 6 miles and it's on the northside of the 64. There is usually a sign on the highway, the farm sits in a valley so you will have a hard time seeing the actual from the east bound lane. hope this helps
Exit 14
thanks.. much appreciated
thanks soo much.. I appreicate it


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