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I have seen quite a lot of you guys have ridden here.. I want to go in April and ride.. is this a nice trail? any recommendations? any specific trails? I have heard good and bad.. can you guys tell me about the trails?

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I rode there last fall with a couple of my friends. We didn't camp but would like to this year. I loved it! Horseshoe trail looks like the most challenging. I've heard it' difficult and there is no turning back once you're on it. The friends I was with wasn't up for THAT much fun. Ha Ha Your horse should be well shod and fairly well conditioned. Lots of rocky trails. I had a great time and am looking forward to another trip.
where is many cedars at it sounds like a place we would like to ride at
HI there. I am new and I see this discussion has been going on for a while, but I also have a question about Many Cedars. We have decided to try it out in April since LBL is closed right now, and after reading everyone's posts, I am getting a little nervous! I love LBL and the riding there. I have also been to Seven Springs and the riding was a little rougher, but beautiful. Can anyone tell me about the new trails that have a way to go around some of the steeper areas? I am taking my crazy little Paso Fino and I am just wondering if I am going to be OK! Also, does everyone think shoes are absolutely necessary here? He is accustomed to going barefoot, but I also do not want him to come up lame. Any info will be appreciated!
Hi Angela, There are very few places that are steep and they aren't real, real steep. Some of the trails do have pretty rocky areas, but I have had friends ride there barefoot. If your horse is tender footed, I would recommend shoes, but if he is accustomed to being barefoot, he will probably do fine, as long as you go slow and let him pick his way through the rocky places. A friend of mine rode there on her barefoot mare and she was fine, even though she did have a few 'chips' on her hooves, because Bella was used to being barefoot and her feet were not tender. I would say try it once and see. No use to go to the expense of shoes unless you have to. Or you could just try shoes on the front feet, as that is where most of the weight is carried.
HI Adrienne. Thanks for your response and your advice. I am still debating what I should do. Can you (or anyone else) tell me if the rock there is sharp river rock or more flat rock. If it is the flat rock, I might go without shoes to avoid sliding. But if it is sharp I will probably go ahead and break down and get some shoes. I would just hate to go for a 4 day trip and end up with a lame horse the first day!!!!! And how does the riding compare with LBL and Seven Springs? Thanks again!
Hi Angela, I can't compare LBL and Seven Springs because I've never been to either place. The rocks at Many Cedars are not really sharp or flat...they are just chunks scattered in places on some of the trails. None of the trails are completely rocky, mostly it is just certain areas and most of those areas are easily gone around or 'picked through'. To ease your mind you could get shoes just on the front feet. That is where most of their weight is carried and the most likely place to have a sore foot. Let me know when you go, maybe my posse can meet you.
I love many cedars!! Beautiful trails, lots of water and nice people. You can get confused as trails are not all well marked. They are hilly but not to steep.
Blessings, LInda Grajewski
Linda I cant find you as a member.. this is gale. I ride with mounted ministries with you.. can y ou add me as your friend? Let me know when you go riding... just not the rough riding..


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