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I have seen quite a lot of you guys have ridden here.. I want to go in April and ride.. is this a nice trail? any recommendations? any specific trails? I have heard good and bad.. can you guys tell me about the trails?

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It does have nice trails, not too challenging, though. Good place to take kids or a green horse. The campground is nice and so are stalls. They also have 4 cabins, good if you don't like to tent it, and don't have a live in trailer. It is also close enough to the Franklin area for just a day ride. Nice bath house and store.
I've been going to Many Cedars since it opened. They will fix breakfast for you for a small charge. Most of the campsites are large and the bath house is nice.
I've ridden most of the trails and there is nothing too difficult. And if I remember correctly, the map is easy to follow....
Most of the trails are very nice and easy riding, but there are some trails that are challenging. The campgrounds is really nice. Another thing I love it's only 4 miles from my house.
How many miles of trails are there? Is it worth camping for a weekend or can you ride them in a day?
My husband and I have enjoyed Many Cedars every time we've been. They have enough trails for a weekend camping trip. Some of the trails are rocky. It is hilly. Part of the trails are on the Natchez Trace. I think you should give it a try!
Is this not the campground we are planning on trailriding in Feb ? or maybe it was WhyNot.. old age and demencia are not good to have at the same time.
Feb is why not.. I was thinking of an april ride to many cedars
many cedars is a great ride. we live bout 45 minutes from there and go several times during the year. the absolute only problem with it is in the summer it is hot where they have logged.the campground is really shady with a small river running past it(you can wade out in it). its real fun. everyone should try it once atleast.
You may also want to try Laural Hill Lake Ride. It is not very far from Many Cedars. It doesn't have camping, but it is a beautiful place to ride. The trail are easy to ride. Lots of water.

We have been to Many Cedars and really enjoyed the area...I have not heard of Laurel Hill Lake...can you please share some more information with me on this ride?

Many Cedars is our all time favorite weekend spot. Plenty of trails for a weekend. It has the best campsites around, clean, roomy, shady and a nice bathhouse and stalls. They re-worked the trails last year, giving you some alternatives to the tricky areas. Everyone there is friendly and nice. Napier Lake trail is our favorite. If it's a 3 day weekend, be sure to call ahead for camping because they fill up fast.
We rode Laurel Hill for the first time yesterday. It is a wonderful day ride. Very pretty. We will definitely ride there again soon. Just get off the Natchez Trace at the Lautel Hill Lake exit. There is a gravel road that goes off to the left before you get to the main entrance of the lake area. We parked at the end of the gravel road and picked up the horse trail from there. The trail is well marked all the way around. There are other places to park also, so I've heard.....
We just returned from there( spent the weekend), we go at least twice a month. We love the trails, but I must admit some of them may be a little bit challenging for a novice rider, as some of them are steep and rocky. We ride gaited horses and there are plenty of places to let them go. It is also only 25 minutes from home so that is the biggest plus of all for us. But all jokes aside the campground is really great the trails are great and I can almost guarantee you a great time.


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