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Have spoken with Jean, she is one of the new managers for Many Cedars in Hohenwald, TN. Sounds like they are making some good improvements. Repairing stalls, cooking 3 meals a day, (plus a brown bag lunch for riders that want to take it on the trail), etc.
Many Cedars is one of my favorite places and I am looking forward to going this year, meeting the new managers and checking out the improvements.
If you haven't been, you should check it out. www.manycedarscamp.com.

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This news is great!!! I will definetly have to go check it all out!!!Thanks,Audrey
Yes we like this place, too! They have very nice little cabins. They are so close to us that it is virtually no real travel time (barely an hour).
We are only about 1-1/4 hrs away ourselves. That is just one of the reasons we like it and one of the reasons we would like to see them stay in business. So, please be sure to spread the word for them.
Thx for the info.. I was wondering if they got the place sold.. It is my favorite place to ride, and was hoping they would keep it a trail riding facility. Looking foward to meeting the new owners, and getting to ride there again..
Same owners, new managers. We are happy, too! I sure hope they make a go of this. Talking with Jean, they seem to be nice people. For a place close to home, we can't beat Many Cedars. I like Buffalo River, too. We usually go there for Memorial Weekend. But, I don't think we will this year. It is always so noisy there and so many people.
Many Cedars is only bout 25 min from me,awsome fun place 2 ride and camp right on the Buffalo River.It's a must for thoes who haven't been!
so glad they are still open
glad to hear we will have to visit again this summer great trail riding there


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