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    Well I Hate to be the one to bring this bad news to everybody but here it is. I heard a rumor about Many Cedars closing down, so I called Barry to get to the bottom of it. He said that he hated it, but yes it is true. The owner Mike Barnes contacted them and said he has decided to sell it instead of leasing it back out. So I have my fingers crossed that another horseman will buy it and we will be able to continue. So if any of you have a lot of extra money laying around call United Country Realtors and lets keep this thing going.

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I talked with Toni, and she is very excited about running Many Cedars this year.  She has a lot of great ideas to expand the business.  I can't wait for Feb to get here.  Ready to ride and play at Many Cedars. 

We are so ecstatic to have the opportunity to hit the trails WITH all our new friends at MANY CEDARS this year..My husband , our children and I.. were adament in keeping Many Cedars open because we have been established with these trails for 15 yrs as our own backyard.We had just opened up NaEasMos River Dogs Cove Kayak Shack this past summer to help accomidate all of our nature enthusiast folks with a plethora of activities to enhance what God has so naturally made abundant in this area! We convinced Mr. Barnes that if we expanded on extracurricular projects/activities and took on the bulk of the upkeep of this campground..then we might generate enough business to help him and the Mrs. move on into that leisurely retirement mode they have worked so hard for , without having to just close down something that obviously means so much to so many of us! I am a very outgoing,outspoken,hard working ,and a gung ho kinda gal that has overcame quite alot of tragedy and hardship ...and I reckon the reason behind what I have endured is because I have a grand purpose FOR THIS..."everything has a reason of being"! My fella (Jeff Green) and I have been together for 8 GREAT yrs and ...yep he is 50 and I am 35 ...but let me tell ya how he got this hot young thing LOL ..well its cause he is the epitome of a manly FAMILY man..There aint NOTHING Jeff Green cant fix or do, he aint got no qualms working 7 days a week, and he's the sort to not only sponser his kids in everything but he is the head coach for it all as well! Did I mention he is absolutely hilarious! We are a VERY musical family..we got every instument be thought of and we play/sing/write songs everyday (very rootsy,bluegrassy,americana,cowpunk,) type pickin! So I hope ya'll ready for lots of LIVE MUSIC! I think when I said I was a gung ho gal that perhaps thats a understatment...let me give ya some insight into what ALL I tend to...We got a 2 yr old (Mosetta Jo AKA MoJo), a 5 yr old (Easton River Coy AKA lil River) and a 14 yr old (Nahele Leif AKA Hele Monster)...we got 5 dogs,7 cats,8 ducks,17 chickens,3 mini pigs,7 horses and a fish. We run 3 businesses now..(River Dogs Cove Kayak Shack,Greens Trim & Remodeling,AND Many Cedars)..AND somehow I keep a clean house and food on the table!! Thankfully we got a close family and some dang good friends to help us on the expansions of Many Cedars...We got my mom (AKA Honey) to help with the book-keeping and cooking,we got my step dad PaPa Keith (AKA Nightcrawler) to help with the grounds, We got Hele Monster to clean up liter/stalls/trails, Lil River will be riding the tractor with Jeff (AKA Big Daddy),Mojo will be around to play her banjo for ya,I (AKA MaMa) will be here to organize events/schedule reservations/etc and obviously be in the public relations dept cause well I got a way of talking to people..LOL! Then YEEHAW we have our good friends Lynda & Donny Hinson of the Bright Future Equistrian Center here on call to provide their services.Lynda is a certified equine lessons instuctor offering lessons to all ages/all levels. Donny is a 12x WGC horse trainer and a certified farrier graduate of the Oklahoma Horse Shoeing School!! We also have a wedding chapel and all neccessary accomidations needed to get hitched to your love. Then ofcourse we got our  20 top of the line SIT ON TOP kayaks/3 canoes/2 jon boats/and all gear available for our buffalo river floats. We also have fishing poles to rent/ bait/tackle! We have our Amish friends Andy & Mary Yoder (and many kids) to supply us with authentic amish goods/produce.We have ALOT of local artist to provide us with arts and crafts (including Jeffs handcrafted rustic furniture ,birdfeeders/etc!).We have lots of friends that are accomplished musicians/singer/songwritters. AND what I am really excited about is the need to offer more benefit rides/concerts ..therapy camps! WHOOO WEEE...I told ya I'm long winded and totally PR..but ya know..I reckon this is my way to get ya'll to know what all we got going on to help lure ya down here to Many Cedars this year in HOPES BEGS PLEADINGS of keeping all of  us in access of these AWESOME trails and breathtaking scenery! I know its gonna be SPECDANGTACULAR shin-dig of a shnazzy jive time AND WE CANT WAIT FOR FEB. 1, 2012 to get in the saddle with all ya'll!

Whewww! I'm tired just reading that...lol.  So glad you will be keeping it open!!! If we had reservations already for next year, do we need to make them again?

I know right...I had 12 loads of laundry and 3 sinks full of dishes accumulate during that post..haha ho ho hee hee....Hopefully Gina (previous owner) had it marked down in the reservation books for 2012 ... If ya give me the date you planned I can check and if she did not jot it down well than I will put ya in there..regardless ...your good to go..just let me know when ya heading our way!!!


Wow! I guess with all this,  do you think it will be that same rustic down home, friendly, laid back kinda place  that we all know and love and keeps  us coming back time and time again?  My next question is how much are the sites and stalls now?  Look forward to meeting everyone and very glad to hear Many Cedars will remain open.

Oh no...I was just writting a song about high falukin folk getting rich of us back hollar horsey folks's poverty...I was just getting hot...madder than a wet chicken on the way home from the Leipers Fork area..ahh gee if I get into the particulars ...and trust me I do from time to time...well you'll find soon enough that...it dont get no more RUSTIC DOWN HOME.FRIENDLY,LAID BACK and  living life righteously worthy our roots in our pride ,heritage, and acceptance of culture AS MY FAMILY! Let me shoot ya with truth straight..as I always will.. The prices on the old website is as this...$8.00 ride/$8.00 camp = $16.00 per person /per day ..those were the prices from back 12 yrs ago...In todays economy, well with my hubbys line of work lets say (he's been a self employed respectable carpenter for 30 yrs ) well aint nobody building... and who with money do, is a gazillion miles away for my 50 yr old man with two tore rotaters to invest $3-400.00 $$$ a week in fuel to get there AND ... I gotta feed things that might someday need to feed me AND we are humble folk!!!! SOOOO now officially with all said and more to be said....I am ONLY changing the price by $2.00 per person per day per ride...NOW it is $10.00 to ride/$10.00 campsite but ONLY $35.00 per couple...kids  are same price as before( we are the epitome of "kid friendly")...stalls are same price as before...cabins same price as before....ETC......EXCEPT...All the NEW accomidations are like sub-contracted out...Such as...our on hand farrier will be reasonably priced and Donnie takes his time and sings to your horse...Lynda has her own prices for lessons ...kayaks are only $25.00 ....ETC....I will have made available ALL the pricing if ya need specifics...but basically ...WE dont got no desire for riches but we need to show our children how to work hard  and help others(especially the less fortunate) live..I've done sacrificed my life 3 times for my younguns and our ability to be RUSTIC DOWN HOME ,FRIENDY and working hard to helping ya'll be LAID BACK for awhile in our THERAPEUTIC CAMP! Cant wait for the FUN! Bring them younguns on!

alllrighty then see ya there...lol

I also wanted to make sure our reservations are still in place for Memorial Day weekend and The 4th of July, Guess I'll give you a call tomorrow. Thank for the fast reply I was starting to panic..lol

Perhaps when my panic can settle into mere routine ...I wont be so daggum long winded..LOL! I'm just so excited ...I cant type as fast as I'd talk...Well I feel alot better now that I got all ya'll folk reassuring me that my family  aint working so hard for nothing...Ya'll just call me for whatever ya need as far as scheduling cause ..I can teach a horse how to pee for me ...but I aint the most computer literate dame in the land...LOL! 931-796-0513  ..I will get the books in the morning and contact you for the paticulars or you can call me anytime before 9:00 pm and as early as 5:00 am!!! I know that on those holidays we will likely have alot of high falukin folk..we will probably have ALOT going on..so I wanna put ya somewhere special...ya'll just CALL ME! Making reservations soon sure would create heart safety in us to moving foward full force! YEEE HAAAW!!!

Toni, i sure hope that all your hopes and dreams come true.  I ran the Why Not for long enough to know just how much hard work it is and my place was nothing like Many Cedars to keep up.  My best wishes are with you!!!  In the meantime - everyone I've talked to can't get in touch with you, the old website apparently isn't working, so no one can make reservations, myself included.  hard to get in touch with anyone to make reservations - we've talked several times, when I could get in touch with you, but you've never let me know about that BIG campsite that I need. Everyone loves Many Cedars and are so excited that you bucked up and took over, but we all want to make reservations and support your enthusiasm and hard work and keep this place ALIVE!!!  You GO girl and good luck!!!  Beth Kerasotes

I'm from out of state but will be in the Hampshire area in May for 2 weeks. I would love to come ride at Many Cedars while I'm close. How do I get there? Do I need to make a reservation to come ride for a day (mid week) or can I just drop in? Gerry Lundgren

Ya never know, the owners of Timber Ridge may be tossing around the idea!!!


We are all on pins and needles...  What's going on?



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