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    Well I Hate to be the one to bring this bad news to everybody but here it is. I heard a rumor about Many Cedars closing down, so I called Barry to get to the bottom of it. He said that he hated it, but yes it is true. The owner Mike Barnes contacted them and said he has decided to sell it instead of leasing it back out. So I have my fingers crossed that another horseman will buy it and we will be able to continue. So if any of you have a lot of extra money laying around call United Country Realtors and lets keep this thing going.

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Noooo, I love riding here. It's only 45 minutes away but I love the hospitality that was given to every person that came there. We spent our weekends  and every other time that we had free exploring the trails. It can't close it's too perfect for what we were looking for and found. Plleeaasse don't close.

Let's just pray God will provide the 'right' buyer who will operate it well.

Below is the link to the real estate website for Many Cedars.  Maybe someone on here will be willing to buy it and keep it going.  It is such a great place to ride. 




Thanks for posting that Stephanie! I sure would love to own and operate it but can't do that and go to the Reservation also. I will send this on and we will pray the right buyer comes along.

I would love to own and operate it as well, but it is a lot out of my price range.  I do hope someone does.  It is a great place to ride. 

Just to inform everyone Many Cedars is going to be back open Feb. 1st for business ! Toni Henson took over the lease and is going to open it back up with a lot of new things in the works , so yall get ready to ride come Feb. 1st !!!!!  See yall there !

So he was able to lease the adjoining land also? That is wonderful news for everyone...

Do you have contact info for him?  I had a ride planned for there next spring, with the former leasors.  I would like to try to set something up with him. 

So glad we are back on!

Toni is a woman and she is going to make a new web site with all the info and  i will say something to her bout you having a ride scheduled and that you are wanting to know about it . She is on facebook if you want to look her up in the meantime.

Thanks I'll try to find her. 

Can't wait to see the new things they will be doing.  Glad it is going to be back in business.


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