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I am a pleasure trail rider.  I am looking for someone to ride with a couple times a week

I live in the middle tennessee area.  Would love to meet new folks  I have my own truck and trailer so I can go anywhere.  please contact me at pasoloco@charter.net

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Join PWHAT, they are a really great bunch of folks and have organized rides a couple of times a month. You will also be able to meet other riders and make friends who live close enough to ride. I would love to meet and ride with you when I get back. I am going to be gone until the end of July. I am helping a Pastor on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota with a summer camp for the Native children. I am riding at Many Cedars this Saturday with a few friends if you want to join us. We plan on being there between 10:30-11am. Just let me know and we will plan to meet. To get directions go to their website for Many Cedars campground.
Welcome to TTR! This is a great place to find other trail riders. I wanted to go to Many Cedars next Saturday, but I have to go to Little Rock to take a physical for a new job...don't know if I will be leaving that afternoon to come back or the next morning...If I make it back Friday night I will join Linda and anyone else at Many Cedars. Come on down!
Does anyone ride at percy warner during the week or at stones river in murfreesboro?  Need to try and find someone to ride with 2 to three times a week
I'm in Murfreesboro. I can meet up. When were you wanting to ride?

my email address is pasoloco@charter.net  if you email me  i will give you my phone number and we can arrange some time to meet  thanks



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