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Looking for parent & child riders in the Lebanon or Murfreesboro area

I am very interested in riding this summer and am interested in finding a group to ride with. My daughter and I just want to ride quiet and easy trails and possibly find other parents and kids to ride with us in a clean family oriented atmosphere . Anyone interested?

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look for the mounted ministries website.. I have their info here.If you want to join let me know.. good clean riding.. no drinking, be belligerant behavior
Gayle, I'll check them out. It's one thing to get in the wrong place at the wrong time but when you've got your 15 yr. old with you it makes it 10 times worse! I was afraid when I posted that it was gonna sound like a dating service and that's not what I wanted either! Thanks, Linda
My wife, Michele, and I have 5 year old boy/girl twins. We have love to ride, but we have no other riding partners with children. We ride with other folks, but they do not wish to ride with children all the time, so we spend much of our time riding by ourselves. I very much would like to find other families with whom to ride. So would my kids. We live between Lebanon and the 'Boro, so drop me a line.
Jim, this sounds perfect! Do you have gaited or non gatted horses? We have gaited but can slow down if needed. Actually we do better slower to keep my daughter comfortable. We live over toward Norene but can trailer too. What area do you live? I am guessing 231. If you might be interested in meeting up somewhere the weekend after next, let me know. We can find some middle ground somewhere! Thanks so much for answering, Linda PS, if you hear of anyone else, by all means invite them too!


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