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looking for a trail riding partner, have extra room on trailer!!

i live in bath springs tn. close to natchez trace. me and my husband both ride but only i have a riding horse, his is still a yearling. it would be awesome if i could find someone without a trailer that has a spare horse for him to ride. i could pick you and your horses up and we could go riding!! im willing to go to natchez trace, bucksnort, buffalo, loretta lynns. thats about all that i know of lol. if it is a weekend that you would like to go camping to ride, im all up for it! ill even supply the grain and hay for the horse you let my husband use. if i cant find someone with an extra horse, well a trail riding buddy for me would be awesome! ill just throw my husband on my horse with me and we can ride double (: i have a 3 horse slant load trailer with a tack/dressing room. im a non smoker/drinker he is a non smoker/occasional drinker, but i dont mind if you smoke or drink. just no stupid drinkers lol. we are real easy people to get along with with great personalities and my husband will keep you laughing all night long!! let me know if you fit my criteria!

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Hi there, my name is Angie I am 28 and I live in Adamsville, its about 40 mins from you. I have two horses which i dont ever ride because i have noone to ride with except my parents and they dont want to ride much at all. Well really one of the horses is my moms, i gave her to her, because i am going through a div and cant really afford to take care of both of them. I have a quarter horse mare and the other one is a racking mare which if your husband would like to ride her he is more than welcome. I have been tring to find a riding partner just havent had any luck. I dont smoke, I have drank but not much at all only certain thangs. Well if you are interested just get back with me. I do have a horse trailer but one thing it needs a new floor and another i havent really pulled it.
that sounds perfect!! i know exactly where adamsville is. me and my husband are in dyersburg currently because he has job training in memphis. we will be here until the end of the month. there is a big ride at natchez trace may 1st weekend if you want to go. my husband may not be able to ride the entire time do to his work he only gets sundays off but he could meet us up there saturday night and if you wanted we could go up there friday night and stay until sunday? if not thats fine but we were planning on heading up there anyway. at least thats the plans for now. he has to use our truck for work so i would have to bring the horses up there when he got off work friday. anyways you can email me at perfectedcowgirl@yahoo.com so we can keep in touch better, thanks! ~kristi.


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