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Bring Your Own Horse, and come ride the beautiful gulfs of Sequatchie Valley and Mill's Creek. Ride on 25,000 acres of un-inhabited remote land, that few have traveled on. Journey to the remains of strip mines and home sites that the settlers left behind. See the breath taking views from atop of the bluffs, then journey to the gulf and ride along rippling creeks, waterfalls (weather permitting), and caves. See deer, turkey, eagles, exotic flowers, unusual rock formations, and lots of shade and cooler temps, all with a help of a personal guide.
Bring a lunch or snack, your favorite beverage, and plenty of time. Ride from one to eight hours, or primitive camping upon request. Would prefer groups of 8 or more due to the time spent ridingCost is a $15.00 per person, for any amount of time! (Tips and donations accepted). This is a great price for all day riding with a personal guide. When you make reservations you are reserving your personal guide for that time. Ride at your own pace. Open year round, ample parking, no set schedules!

Where: Shrum Farm~White City, TN. Located 5 miles from Foster Falls State Park. Take I-24 to Monteagle, then 5.6 miles to Tracy City (Hwy 41 S), Turn right at the 2nd light in Tracy City. 3 miles to White City. Complete directions given at time of reservations.

For Your Personal Guide, Reservations, and Directions: Wiley Shrum-423-619-2567 or Ashlee 423-618-6976, or email Coolwaters_30@yahoo.com.

****Not for beginners and young horses****

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I'm trying to get a group together for about a 6hr ride. You don't say in your blog about alcohol. I do not want to ride with anyone drinking on the trail. What is your policy about this? What someone does after is their business, but to me it is the same as drinking and driving a car, even worse because we are responsible for the care and safety of our horses also. The pictures are beautiful and I have been wanting to ride there but haven't because of not knowing the area. This is a wonderful idea and reasonably priced.
Blessings, Linda
Linda, Your group would be the only group going at that time. When you call to make reservations, your time is your time. The personal guide is there because the trails are not marked, and where he takes you depends on the amount of time you want to ride. There would be no alcohol unless someone in your group was to bring it. This is a great, beautiful ride with lots of camera ops. Give Wiley or Ashlee a call and book your time and date. I'm sure you will enjoy this great ride. Nothing to worry about as far as the alcohol goes. Happy Trails!
More pictures of Shrum Farms and the ride to the Gulf.


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