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Has anyone ever ridden at (or knows anything about) Long Branch Lakes in Spencer?  It is near Fall Creek Falls State Park.  A friend of mine is wanting to go try it this weekend but I don't know anything about it.  If you can give me any information, I would appreciate it.  Thanks!


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 Not been there but very tempted. Only thing that hold me back is the Highway. It's hair pin curves going up Hwy 30 or down. Now I have not have motion sickness but it gives me one pulling a small trailer or large.  If you been to Fall Creek Falls you know what I mean. You can get on Hwy 111 turn  in to Fall Creek and drive all the way through that then, turn left go up on 30 then turn Right.  Check the map out first.  Hey I live in McMinnville, and I think I would just got to Big South Fork, instead. Or East Fork.


Lucy Eastman, McMinnville, TN


I went last year & will never go back.  The trails were grown up & not marked.  Unless things have changed, the place is just not used.  If you do decide to go make note that you need a 4x4 to get up the hill to the parking lot.
Thanks for the information.  If the trails aren't great, it's sure not worth the difficult trip.  I think we will find another place to ride this weekend.


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