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I am so sick of the midwest winters that drag on forever and looking at places to move. I am self employed but need to live near an area that has middle to upper income and fairly large population to do my work say 150K and above. Maybe near a large University or where there are lake homes??? Also need a  place to live with horse facilities and 5 or more acres say within 20 minutes of town. Like a little night life and dining. Any suggestions? Thought about KY also.

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I reckon that could be a sensitive question for some but the main thing is you have a good concern about the right things. Being a younger christian in faith I've seen some controversy in religons myself.I believe going to a good church will help sometimes in spirital growth ,knowledge in bible study .titheing ect. With that being said it can hard sometimes to find maybe the right church. We are all goin to be judged by are actions one day , for you friend I don't know if I want to be judged for being too much of a judgemental christian, not our call. What ever you decide we all need to make sure we are doing the most for him in or out of church despite whatever people may say or think.
Are you asking in general or are you asking if Tennesseans will judge you? In that case, I doubt it. We'd be so busy judging that we wouldn't have time for anything else. Whether it's the right thing to do or not, there are plenty of people in Tennessee that don't have an organized religion. You will love Tennessee, there is no better place!
More if people in southern states will judge you. It is way different up north, religion rarely comes up in a discussion and more catholics here. My sisters live in Tulsa and it is always a topic of conversation for them. It bothers me that one sister and her husband act differently when in the company of church aquaintances then when they are not. I personally would act the same regardless of who's company I am in. If you can't be open about what you are doing you shouldn't do it.
A big AMEN to that last line, LOL!
Down here we have everything from "fire & brimstone Baptists" to Catholic, to Wiccan, to atheists.
I wouldn't worry too much about religion. The south in general is a big " live & let live" kind of attitude .
We debate religion a lot, but usually over a cold beer on Saturday night, or a sweet tea on Sunday afternoon.

"You do your thing, & I'll do mine, & we'll get along just fine."
Hi, Laruie. I relocated to Middle TN from rural NY in 2006. I would never go back and really love it here. I live near Cookeville, which is a beautiful area with Center Hill Lake also near by, where a number of the Country Stars have vacation homes. Tennessee Tech is in Cookeville which is rated up there with the Ivy League universities. I thought your question about religion is an interesting one. This is The Bible Belt and a politically conservative area. I have found people warm and welcoming and very non-judgemental for the most part. Everyone has been eager to invite us to their church as a friendly gesture and most churches here are the center of many charitable and social activites. No one has ever made me feel uncomfortable when it comes to religious practice ot non-practice and people have been very helpful in general. These are very nice people here in TN. It is very refreshing!
As long as we have the common religion of "equs" I wouldn't worry about much else.
I am from Ky and if you don't like Winters that drag on I don't recommend Ky. I have been through so many blizzards (and I mean 2 feet of snow and bitter cold) there and that is why I moved. I lived there my whole life, it sucks in Winter time trying to care for your horses. I like the Middle TN area and yes it's warmer than Ky. for sure. Nashville or Murfreesboro are the biggest towns with large Universities in this area. Knoxville I'd say may be too icky cold in the Winter than what you want since they are over in the Smoky Mountain area and get worse Winters than here in Middle TN


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