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I am so sick of the midwest winters that drag on forever and looking at places to move. I am self employed but need to live near an area that has middle to upper income and fairly large population to do my work say 150K and above. Maybe near a large University or where there are lake homes??? Also need a  place to live with horse facilities and 5 or more acres say within 20 minutes of town. Like a little night life and dining. Any suggestions? Thought about KY also.

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Take a look at the Lebanon/Mt.Juliet area in Wilson County or the Gallatin/Hendersonville area in Sumner County. Both are within 20 to 30 minutes of Nashville. Both areas are on Old Hickory Lake and you will be able to find 5 to 10 acres very easily. The demographics should meet your requirements for your business and social activities. :)
We moved here 7 years ago and love it! We live south of Nashville in Maury County. Anywhere from here into Nashville would be great. You cannot beat the Middle Tennessee area. You can do a property search by going to: middle tennessee property finder. It is the best search product I have seen. I was a realtor for 6 years in the past and I am living in my 6th state. So I have seen a few moves. Good luck!
KY is still to cold for me!! :) Moved to Middle Tennessee 2 years ago from Ohio.. they say the last two winters are the worst they have had in the last 10 years.. so hopefully next year will be great.. even their worst is much better than Ohio!! for sure.

I like the Murfreesboro area, might check it out.. it was really growing fast until the economy tanked, but still think it is a better place than most.. Gary is right about Gallatin and Hendersonville, have old co worker that lives on the lake there.

www.realtracs.com for property also..
well now, I prefer living as far out in the country as I can get, cuttin wood, growin food, and playin with horses with neighbors a mile away is't too bad a life. But yah, TN is a good place to live, if it gets too crowded in a few decades I'd be tempted to move west, but then it's too dry out there most places.
I need to be somewhat close to civilization.
The Springhill area south of Nashville might be a good place to look for houses. Saturn closed their plant there so there should be some good deals on realty. This would include the Eagleville, College Grove area as well. I moved here from north Louisiana to get away from the heat, humidity, and fire ants. I absolutely love it here and hope I never have to move again. So many great people from all over the world! Beautiful country and lots of places to ride. There is Percy Priest lake and Old Hickory lake, several univerisities and colleges, including Vanderbilt University. Of course Nashville is the country music capital of the world, but there are all kinds of music to be heard here. We also have the Schermerhorn Symphony hall here, too. Brand new and supposed to be awesome. I don't know what line of work you are in, but you should be able to make a living here. Williamson county, just south of Nashville, is one of the richest counties in the country. Come on down and get out of the snow!
Did Saturn closing just effect that area?
Mostly affected the Columbia/Springhill/Thompson's Station area. Williamson county, where all these towns are, is still the richest county in the state. Also Nissan moved it's corporate headquarters here from California a couple years ago. Trust me...the expendable incomes are here! Williamson county also has the best school system in the state.
I moved here to TN from Minnesota 3 years ago and will never go back to that frozen tundra....lol. As for a place to live, especially for your business, would be around Nashville. You will find some very nice upper income level homes as well as Nashville having the night life, etc. that you are looking for. There are plenty of lakes in the State, many state parks and plenty of places to ride.

My other suggestion would be Cookeville area because of the University being located there as well as Dale Hull Lake and again, many places to ride such as East Fork, which is privately owned but has great trails and the Big South Fork State Park, which also has many horse trails that do not cost to ride unless you camp overnight.

I lived 50 years of my life in Minnesota so I know what its like to want to get out and move to someplace warmer. I certainly hope you decide to make TN your home as I did, you won't regret it. Good Luck!

Franklin, TN (population 65,000) was voted rated the "best small town in Tennessee", it's also in Williamson County, the 5th wealthiest county in the U.S. In general, anywhere in Middle Tennessee is nice.
I am checking all the areas you are reccomending. Thanks for all the tips.
I have a sensitive question that I hope you will answer. It is about religion. My friend calls me a fallen catholic but I live my life in a spritual and of extremly ethical way just do not belong to an organized religion. Is that ok or if you do not go and belong to a church are you judged?


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