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Please make it a habit whenever you ride our beautiful trails at Yanahli, Williamsport Lakes or Laurel Hill to pick up at least 1 piece of litter. If everyone will practice this we will not have to have a trail clean-up day and it sure would help all the volunteers working to make and keep these trails for everyone. In fact, we should all make a practice of doing this no matter where we ride as a courtesy to other horsemen and women!

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I totally agree with you, if everyone would pickup just one extra piece of trash while out on the trails.  I try to remember to keep a WalMart bag in my saddlebags to put the trash in. I've been on a few trails that I've thought about going back with more bags to earn some extra spending money from all the beer cans people toss on the ground.  Come on folks, just crush it and toss it back in the saddle bags. That trash weights less on the ride out than it did on the ride in.

Thanks Mary...appreciate this very much!

I wish everyone would read this, what blows my mind are the glass bottles! Really you own a horse and are out enjoying nature and are going to toss your glass bottle on the trail!!! They are the "yahoos" I try to avoid! I have never seen someone do that in front of me but if i did I would go crazy!

Have never found a glass bottle on the trail at Laurel Hill....most of our riders are responsible and appreciate our trails.

That is terrible.  Some one riding are not horse people! It's and honor to be call horseman or woman but trashy is just trashy riders.


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