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 Hi,  We have never rode at LBL or camped there. What is it like? Any suggestions?


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We went last fall and really enjoyed it.  The trails are well marked.  The camp ground was nice and bathrooms clean.  We rented one of the small cabins.  Stalls were nice too.  Nothing to challenging and beautiful scenery.

You can ride by the buffalo preserve too! It can be muddy and slick if it has rained or snowed (which it has been recently). Nice restaurant and bath house facilities.

LBL is a great place to camp and ride.  The campground is lots of fun with a lot of horse activity, etc.  Unfortunately, the restaurant closed last year and is now only open as a place to pick up camping supplies, etc.  Lots of great places to eat within 20 - 30 min. of campground.

We wanted to go to LBL but a few people told us that you can't make reservations.  Seems strange to me. Do you know if they take reservations for campsites & stalls?

I was told that at Wrangler you can make reservations, but the riding is pretty flat.

Thanks for the info... My horses are bare foot... they do very good on trails... but hate gravel roads...

We have been riding barefoot for a couple of years and have done a few 20 mile rides, they have not had any issues.  Most trails have been pretty good, BSF, Mammouth Cave.  Would like to keep them bare foot but we don't ride any roads gravel or paved much.

We drove up to lbl yesterday just to get some info.  The site are pretty good size and level but water is not available on all sites.  Looked like a nice campground several bath houses and barns.  We don't know anything about the trails except what you have said on this site.  The stalls are 15 a nite I thought that was high...but if the trails are good I would really like to make a trip here this fall.  Soooo anyone out there stayed and rode lbl?



rode there this summer.  There are places where you can swim with your horse if you are so inclined.  The trails are rocky, we have shoes on the front not the back but I noticed a lot of the riders have their horses shod all way around.  Cabins are simple, the bath houses kept decent and the people are all great!  You can purchase bedding for the stalls and firewood and ice.

There is a variety of trails... some relatively flat though you can find some up and down if you like that.  There are cart trails and single tracks along the cart trails.  I ride a quarter horse and prefer the single tracks, my husband rides a Missouri Fox Trotter (gaited) and likes the wider trails.



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