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We are having a work day this Thursday Dec. 1st at 10am. Meet at the Finnie Rd trail head. Bring lunch/drink, something to trim limbs with and wear work gloves. We will ride our horses for this. We be about 5 hours. Let me know if you plan on coming. Thanks!

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I wish i could work, love riding there, work gets in the way for me.  Take care, it'll probably be slick and muddy.

Actually the trails dry really quick there. Sorry you can't come help but that is why I do this I am blessed to have a flexible schedule. We don't do trail work on week-ends because of the people who work during the week. I know they need to just be able to ride and de-stress. We hope to finish the one across from the trail head that day. It has the least damage so we should be able to make it much better. We are going to try and work one day a week, weather permitting, until we get them all in good shape again.

I plan on being there.

Thanks Theresa...see you tomorrow!


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