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Laurel Hill OPEN for Road Riding only!!! Woods horse trails Closed

Yes, you may ride the dirt roads during turkey season!!! Just stay off the woods trails. Official maps will be available at the TWRA office and on the sign.

Happy Riding!!!

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I thought they closed Saturday, March 30th. I have NO inclination to ride the roads with turkey hunters blasting shotguns in the woods.

I think closed this beautiful site for 6 weeks is selfish. I have let my legislators know.

I agree with you Suzanne.  I don't live in TN, but am close enough in AL to drive up there on occasion.  It's the MOST beautiful time of year to ride there, dogwood is blooming, wildflowers are blooming, wild azaleas are blooming and we won't get to see any of it.  :-( 

I did write to the addresses Linda had provided some time ago, but never heard anything back on it.

It does not close until Sat Mar 30. I was just letting people know they had decided to let us ride the roads, at first they were going to close them. This is more important for those who live close by and just need a riding fix there.

Does anyone know when Laurel Hill offically reopens?

Where is Laurel Hills?  When does it open?

Opens again after turkey season ends on May 12th. Is in Lawrence County...go to TWRA website and follow gps maps link to Region 11 and scroll down to horse trail maps will also have directions, location, etc.

www.tn.gov/twra/gis/WMA  Home.html

Thanks that's great.


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