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Linda, I know I've seen you post that the campground is on/near squirrel camp road.  If you go to this link - http://laurelhilltn.com/?page_id=2  or read this, are you getting the same idea?  on/near squirrel camp road?

"The Campground is located adjacent to the parking lot on Artimis Road at the main Crossing of the horse trails and about 3.5 miles for the Boat Docks at the lake."

From the following it sounds like it'd be a place to ride for a couple of days. 


We have 38 hook ups for trailers with water-electric.  We have new clean restrooms.

We are open year round with plenty of room for the large trailers and motor homes that are hard to park.  We have corral panel stalls or tie out lines for the horses"

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I drove by it the other day. It is on Smith Rd just before the Squirrel Camp/and trailhead parking. You can ride right down the road and onto the trail. I think it will be a good place. He has water/elec at each site. Panels for the horses at the other end in the trees. You can find it by GPS 47 Smith Rd. The trail is the one across the road from the Finnie Rd trail head that we just cleared and re-marked. It is the longest trail but will tie into the others. You will have plenty of riding from there.

thank you Linda!

Casey is confused by all the different road names.......... Yes Casey it is just before the horse parking area that you get to by way of Smith Rd. Same parking area that we used with the Pony Club group.

HEY!  I may be confused (and oft-times easily at that!), but you don't need to TELL everyone.  LOLOL  Thank you too Dawn!


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